2014 New Design Egypt Carpet 100CM X 150CM

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Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Polyester


3.Pile Height: 3mm

4.Pile Weight:270g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm


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Q:automotive grease on carpet?
Greased LIghtening will do the trick, but, Mean Green is good too.
Q:Rug Burns vs Tatami Burns?
Funny question. One star for you! Sadly, though, I don't have an answer...
Q:Does anyone know how to clean a fake sheepskin rug?
get rid of airborne dirt and dirt with the help of brushing up the wool pile with a twine brush, shaking out the exterior and vacuuming with an attachment. 2 positioned the rug on your washer and use a non-enzyme shampoo made specially for cleanable sheepskin products. Pre-soak the rug interior the shampoo for 20 minutes in case you have obdurate stains or dirt. 3 Wash on delicate cycle utilising lukewarm water that would not exceed a hundred tiers F. 4 upload a extreme-high quality wool conditioner to the astounding rinse to melt the leather-based and situation the wool. Rinse as quickly as greater and spin dry. 5 Lay the rug flat and dry it removed from warmth. gently flex and rub down the exterior side on a similar time as the rug dries to melt it. 6 Brush the dried rug back to repair the wool pile good success TO YOU
Q:The carpet is dirty. How do you clean it quickly?
Static carpet scorchIf accidentally carpet will be burned, we can repair method to eliminate the scorched office as far as possible with a stiff brush off, then can be cut with scissors in other parts of the carpet pile, and adhesive and stick it in the scorched, use the equivalent of books with flat things heavy pressure on it, the adhesive is dried, glue hair firmly, finally with the brush gently comb can be.
Q:Do rugs help with shedding?
A rug won't help. Best remedy is about an hour every few days with a shedding blade. You should take the rug off unless it's very cold. Especially if it's with other horses, it doesn't need a rug. My mare has never worn a rug in her life, and she only has two pasture mates. The way horses mostly shed is the hair comes off a little a first, then a whole lot. The more you groom, the faster and heavier the shedding.
Q:candle wax & carpet!!!?
For candle wax. You can freeze it off. Take a can of keyboard cleaner or any canned air will do or even ice will work. Slowly spray the canned air on the wax or rub on the ice. Then when it's frozen just chip it away with a dull butter knife. This also works for bubble gum. Carpet cleaner for 13 years.
Q:Need ideas for rugs in dining room?
ideas area rugs living dining rooms
Q:How do you install carpet panels?
By carpet panels,do you mean carpet tiles? If so, you need to remove all your carpet first. Smooth the floor surface,or glue or nail down hardboard panels first. This will ensure even surface throughout area you want to cover.Do your panels have a sticky side? Or do you want to glue them? You need to use suitable glue(hardware shop should know). Measure floor area first. Always start from centre of room working outwards.This ensures any half-cuts you need to make will be on outside walls.Do you not have A Mega 10 website.? We have all info on these sites(I am in New Zealand)Good Luck!
Q:What are the characteristics of pure cotton carpet?
Antistatic, more resistance soiling, prices is higher than ordinary acrylic carpets.
Q:How can i keep my area rug to lay flat and stop wrinkling up on my carpet?
you can always put heavy furniture on the edges of the rug to keep it down.

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