2014 New Design Ac220V Mr16 Cob 7W Led Spotlight Gu5.3 3000K Ce Rohs

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Product Description:


2014 New Design AC220V MR16 COB 7W LED Spotlight GU5.3 3000K CE RoHS



1.Woark Temp: -20-45°C

2.Lumens Depreciation: 3%-5% 1kh

3. Humidity: 0%-90%

4.Power Factor: 0.8-1.0



Product Name

2014 New Design AC220V MR16 COB 7W LED Spotlight GU5.3 3000K CE RoHS

Input Voltage





Hold Base

MR16 (GU5.3)


Luminous Flux


Color Temp



CRI ≥ :


Beam Angle



LED Type





Size(with Pin)









Working Temp:

-20 ~ 45°C


white box, 10pcs / box,10boxes / carton



This LED Light needs an external driver to connect AC220V, we will offer this driver.   


Installation Instructions

1.Shut off power;

2.According to the QTY that will be installed, choose appropriate drivers;

3.Avoid some places that are near heat sources,steam,corrosive gas, etc;

4.Please see the specification instruction carefully before installing.



1.Do not touch the surface of lights, when it works;

2.It will influence the lights life, using 110V/220V,when turn on or turn off the power frequently;

3.No extrusion;

4.Pay attention to the working voltage;

5.Only interior, not outside;

6.Do not reverse, when working;



Application: Stage,Pub,Hotel,DISCO,KALA OK,Western Restaurant,Coffee Shop, Club, Showcase, Showroom,Art Gallery,Museum,etc.


Protective Range

1.Three years

2. It does not cover incorrect storage,installation,operation and maintenance.


Our Advantages:

1.Fast Raction:  Promise to offer you the detailed catalogue and pricelist at the first time and produce lights as your request

2.Quality and price: Because We are the factory, we can reduce the cost, control the production process strictly. Meanwhile, make sure good quality

3.Service: Free and paid service; Big quality or long cooperation customers can become our VIP, who will enjoy more competitive price and VIP service.


LED Lighting Advange:

1.High efficiency,low energy consumption;

2.Green lighting: the spectrum does not have UV and infrared ray, so no heat and radiation;

3.Long life: 100000 hours (correct usage);

4.Safety: LED works voltage is between 1.5V – 5V,electricity is between 20 – 700mA;

5.Environmental protection: recycle, no pollution, no mercury;

6.Easy Control: it can change brightness,color through changing efficiency and color combination.



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Q:About LED tube light to shoot the light of common sense
LED lamp bead are dc low voltage, single grain lamp bead generally around 3.3 v voltage can light up, general household LED light has many grain of lamp bead, most of them are in series, no matter which kind of LED lighting needs to be in the form of a voltage conversion device, the voltage conversion device also has a built-in external, have stable manifold has regulated form, useful integrated circuit do useful discrete component, with complex circuit has simple circuit, there are lights and conversion circuit package together also have lights and conversion circuit of separate, anyway is multifarious, various countries now also does not have a specification, each manufacturer yourself, just do what want to make it, so they bring inconvenience to the user, so the home LED light damage, it is difficult to buy the same, every time in the lamp will also ask professional to listen to, you say the problem is not surprising, is likely to be a built-in driver, another oneself need plus drive without a driver.
Q:What is the difference between led lamp MR16 and MR11?
Two new shoots. Different sizes. The power is different. Can go to our bang's website to see.
Q:Led outdoor lamp on Ⅰ p65 what meaning be
Code of international IP is used as a recognized degree of protection IP level is composed of two Numbers, the first number said dust; The second number said waterproof. Said completely prevent dust into the dust level. Waterproof level 5 said any Angle of low pressure injection had no effect. To indicate the degree of protection that shoots the light.
Q:What brand of shoot the lamp to LED lamp of choose and buy skills
View the lamp parameters 1. The main parameters of LED lights, especially in high power LED lamp bead has a luminous efficiency and color rendering index, index of the luminous efficiency is 80-100 lm/W, must be greater than 80 LM/W, but the indicators are in growth, to the next year will reach 100-120 LM/W. Color rendering index is 0.8, the index is unnecessary to pursue more than 0.85, unless you are engaged in painting on color high requirements of the job.
Q:Led to shoot the light, the 12 v transformer and transformer can general ordinary lamp?
Ordinary lamp useful pure transformer circuit, there is also a high frequency of the oscillation circuit, output are communication, if the switch power supply can be used directly
Q:Household LED lamp directly on the ceiling above the glass, glass temperature is higher, matter?
LED lamp life is directly related to working temperature, high temperature must influence life, such as lamp bead light early failure, damage to the drive, and so on, so the LED heat dissipation has been LED lighting to solve big problems.
Q:How to distinguish the stand or fall of the LED lamp
LED lamp cent two kinds of low pressure, high pressure, consumers had better choose low voltage lamp, its long service life, high light efficiency. Shoot the light efficiency of high and low to power factor, power factor, the greater the photosynthetic efficiency, the better, the power factor of ordinary lamp at around 0.5, the price is cheap, high-quality shoots the lamp power factor can achieve 0.99, the price is a bit expensive. Shoot the generally used to strengthen the lighting on the trim, general is embedded in the ceiling or wall, LED to shoot the light work generally have a higher temperature, so set to buy the high quality product, otherwise there will be a security risk
Q:The difference between the LED downlight and LED lamp
LED tube light is a light shot inside the embedded in the ceiling lighting lamps and lanterns. Belong to the directional lighting lamps and lanterns, can only by the light of the opposite, its advantage lies in the more concentrated than general lighting lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, usually used for general lighting or assist illume. LED lamp is embedded in the ceiling or wall, general lighting products is a kind of highly concentrated, usually it's light to the specified target position. Through light is used to emphasize important points. The manifestation of LED lamp in key exposure position such as: TV wall, Logo background, and some important pendant accessories, etc
Q:LED lamp is negative would pick up the light damage?
Of course. Especially the constant current drive leds. General LED reverse and pressure is not high.
Q:Sitting room condole top round with tube lamp or LED lamp good?
If simply on the role of lighting with leds, more energy efficient, but cost is higher (actually a year to save electricity I guess there isn't much, psychological effect is greater than the actual role). Canister light that individual is not very recommend, general tube lamp light source is energy-saving lamps, looks uncomfortable

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