2014 New Audio Newest Induction Speaker Wireless Induction Speaker Magic Speaker For Phone

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Product Description:

Newest Induction Speaker Wireless Induction Speaker Magic Speaker for phone


This product takes advantage of the Latest sensing technology. By just putting your mobile on the product, you can amplify the sound volume magically without blue tooth, WIFI or any wiring connection. 

It is compatible with I-phone 4S, I-phone 4, I-phone 3 GS, Touch4 and other external speaker phones!


Product Specification:

Speaker unit size:40mm 

Product size: 165*105*48mm

Working Voltage: DC 5V

Out-put power: 2x2W

Impedance: 40Ω

Frequency range: 20Hz-20 KHz

Battery: 3xAA Alkaline batteries

Battery playing time: 15 hours





Way 1. Packed in the PP bags; 60 pieces per carton
Way 2. Put in carton case with polyethylene bags;
Way 3. Depend on customers' demands.



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Q:Can the speakers of dell laptop be changed?
Most laptop speakers are attached to the case and not the mainboard, such is the case with your Dell. The speakers can be replaced with almost any other speaker harvested from other laptops with some minor modification. The connectors will have to be changed or soldered on and you may have to glue the speakers in if the mounts don't fit.
Q:Speaker Help! (BASS SPEAKERS)?
well lets start off saying the difference between active and passive. Active means that it connects to a wall outlet. So that means it has a built in amp that powers the speaker so the wire going to your amp will only be for the information not power. Passive is obviously when it gets power from your amp. If you want to be able to listen music that is loud with lots of base get very nice speakers some great brands are: Mirage, yamaha, energy, klipsch, polk, definitive, bower and wilkens, etc etc and once you have those you will also get a subwoofer an active one i mite add. Now in my days I have heard plenty of subwoofers and my personal favorite brand is klipsch. But there are plenty of brands you just gotta look at reviews. The set up I have is all yamaha speakers and amps and equalizers. My subwoofers are kliipsch and a modded car sub that gets powered by a computer power supply;D
Q:where can i buy club speakers?
Rob - I don't know where you live but in the USA most stores that carry musical instruments and sound equipment will have professional speakers for DJ'ing. Stores like Sam Ash, Guitar Center etc have great speakers. You can also buy them online of course - just google DJ equipment. If you let me know where you live (what town or city) I can help more.
Q:Outdoor Speakers?
You could get active speakers that operate on mains or batteries, but these are not cheap. Or you could have an amplifier in the house and take speaker wires out through a window, which would only have to be open a small amount. A top-opening window would be best. If you live in a house you could take wires out of the attic, as there's generally a small gap at the edge of the roof so air can circulate around the roof timbers. If the attic isn't floored it's probably not worth the risk.
Q:Loudspeaker headset or headset has been unplugged how to do?
Normal (no exclamation point), this situation is also divided into two kinds: one is your sound card driver is not correct, the device can not run properly, the second is your sound card program version is too low, can not work, use Lu master upgrade driver
Q:Speakers These parameters represent what
10w on behalf of the speaker rated power is 10w
Q:How do I make my speakers stop crackling?
Try them on a different device, a crackling indicates they are broken
Q:Logitech® Z-5450 surround sound speakers?
Yes the rear speakers still need to be plugged in, and that's for each speaker. In other words each rear speaker has it's own ac plug. And also from what I've read you lose quality in the rear speakers they cannot produce 96 kHz/24 bit sound , only the wired ones can. Don't waste your money they are not great speakers. These are the puppies to get : Logitech® Z-5500 Digital 505 watts RMS I want them but can't afford them.
Q:Car Speaker Amplifier Question?
google it
Q:how many esperanto speakers in china?
You have to ask your questions in english here. If you mean how many esperanto speakers are there in China?, well, it's hard to tell, as there is no census or anything like that. If there really are 2 million in the world, there should be 400.000 in China. I remember a decade or two ago, chinese media told of courses with hundreds or thousands of participants. I don't know how far those people got, or how much of it was just chinese government propaganda. China Radio International still broadcasts in Esperanto, four times a day, the same hour (not with model pronunciation though). To be able to answer your question I emailed the chinese esperanto league, so don't delete this question yet (extend it if you have to)

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