2014 Hot Sale Metal Bunk Beds/Metal Beds Frame/Dormitory Bed CM-4502

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Product Description:

2014 Hot Sale Metal Bunk Beds/Metal Beds Frame/Dormitory Bed CM-4502

1. Description:

High quality metal furniture, suitable for homes,dormitories etc , durable and strong

2. Advantage:

. Modern design;

. Easy to assemble;

. High quality tubes with epoxy powder coating;

. Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, 14025;

. Punctual delivery.

3. FAQ:

1) Q: whats MOQ ?

    A: one 20ft container

2)  Q: Do you accept OEM?

    A:  Yes, OEM is welcomed. Models can be customized.

3) Q: whats your general payment terms?

   A:  TT or LC at Sight

4) Q: Do you offer quality warantee?

   A: yes, three years warantee based on normal use

4. Product Specifications:

2014 Hot Sale Modern Design Metal Bunk Bed CM-4502

Item No





Red/Black/Silver/ optional

N.W /G.W.



1pcs per export carton




Epoxy Powder coating

Lead Time

Normally within 25days,subject to order size

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Q:Why do we make our beds?
Bedding needs daily maintenance or else the sheets start to shift so badly your feet won't even be covered. Besides, there is a small amount of dust that settles during the daytime that is kept out of the bed if it's made and covered with a spread. Personally I like the idea of opening the covers so the moisture can evaporate making the bed less hospitable for dust mites...
Q:how to kill bed bugs?
Wash all your bedding items with HOT water, and use a steam cleaner to kill bed bugs. Then apply BedBugPowder that is available from the site below. It is natural powder that is safe to humans and animals. Its price is not expensive as a professional exterminator, but it works better than pro exterminator!! Good luck!
Q:Is equine pellet bedding safe for baby birds
We use the wood stove pellets (which probably is the same as the horse bedding pellets) They are darn cheap at the feed/farm stores - $5 for a 40 lb bag. When using them you only put a layer on the bottom and maybe 1-2 cups more - not deep at all like with clay/clumping litter. When they use them, the urine will break down the pellets overnight or the next day and it will be sawdust. The sawdust quickly absorbs urine and even if you wait a few days to dump it all out, the pan is DRY. It is pretty good with odors but not super great. We usually take out the solids once a day and stir up the pellets and sawdust a bit. I end up shifting the pellets once and dump the sawdust from them, putting the unused pellets back in the pan and adding a few cups to that (fresh). I have two large pans (not the regular litter pans in the store) and a bag of pellets will last me about 2 months or so. When (or if) you switch, do so over 1-2 weeks time. Cats do not know that its litter unless they have been raised with it as kittens. So you will need to put in a cup of pellet in the clay/scoopable litter and as you scoop out, add in more pellets. For most all cats, within a week to two you will have them using just the pellets only. To noone below - yes its easier if you can get the special box, but not necessary. A slotted normal litter pan scooper works in shifting (takes me about 5 mins or less to shift a pan with the spoon only.
Q:What Bedding Would Look Good With This Bed?
there is a sale on right now and you can choose all of your parameters with plenty to choose from
Q:How do you kill bed bugs?
Tell them to use a hot steam and Bed Bug Powder. I had them years ago and trid so many different things to get rid of bed bugs, but that is the only way that actually worked. First of all, wash all the bedding items with HOT water. Also use a steam cleaner on the mattress or floor. what that does is that heat over 120 degrees kills live bed bugs hiding in the mattress or sheets. If it is summer, you can take the mattress out under the direct sunlight for a few hours, but it is easier and more effective to use a steamer because of the current weather. Then sprinkle the Bed Bug Powder on the infected area, and that is it!! Just small amount of Bed Bug Powder can get rid of bed bugs, and it lasts, seems to be, forever. Good luck!
Q:Bed bug bite on upper eyelid!?
what is a bed bug
Q:Does a bed frame like this need a box spring?
No a bed frame like that wouldn't need a box spring, if it has wooden slates that sit in the frame of the bed design. The wooden slates would hold the bed within the bed frame. the whole point of the bed its to be slightly lifted off the floor.
Q:Where do i get bed curtains for my canopy bed?
Debbie Travis Curtains
Q:How many of you have a water bed?
Water beds are terrible for everything. If the bed is your source of married happiness, then I feel sorry for you. A wet bed on the other hand.....
Q:how do you cure bed bug bites?
Get a plastic or vinyl mattress cover that encases the mattress completely. You can find it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond....

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