2014! 3,4,5,6,8inch 8-32W China Led Lamp Export Factory Samsung Downlight Led With Australia Standard SAA TUV GS Mark

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Product Description:


2.TUV/GS, SAA certificated

2014! 3,4,5,6,8inch 8-32WChina  led lamp export factory samsung downlight led with australia standard SAA TUV GS mark

Product Description 

Distinctive Features :

1. TUV GS & SAA certificated

2. Samsung latest generation LEDs which passed LM-80

3. Private mould, unique design from other products, more competitives than other public mould.

4. Achieve to replace the LEDs by end user

5. Unique colorful trim optional

6. The most competitive prices



Basic Data:














































 Packing Details:

















  We do not just use the white paper box, but the patent package with special materials, not only can protect the products, but also let the products more attractive and professional.


Company Information: 

We are one of the branches under Yuxinfeng group, which located in Bao’an district, Shenzhen city and mainly specialized in R&D, manufacture, and sales of LED lighting products. It has more than 9 years history focus on high quality led lighting.

The main products include LED tubes, LED high bay , LED down light , LED gimbal down light, LED track light and led flood light etc.
Yoohun has passed TUV ISO9001:2008 quality management system certificate, most of our products are with VDE, SAA ,C-TICK, CE, RoHS and UL approval. We have established a worldwide distribution network. Our engineers with more than 10 years of LED experience and reliable sales team provide high-quality technical products and sales services.





Freight will vary depending on destination, weight, courier, or forwarder. We will always choose the cheap but safe transportation for customers.


For sample order, we use courier like DHL,UPS,TNT,FEDEX. Customer can assign the courier.

For larger order, we could use courier or air cargo or other special forwarder.

Customer can also assign the forwarder to make the transportation.



More about us

   As the new generation lighting source, LED lighting becomes more and more popular in the world, and after more than 10years’ development, China become the biggest LED lighting manufacture country, however, there are two biggest problems that hinder the LED lighting from fast popularization, one is the high cost, the other one is the quality of LED lighting from China manufactures is varied, poor quality caused bad impression of LED lighting to the end users;

  According to information, the only one manufacture with full LED industry in China, branch factory of YUXINFENG Group, keeps working on the popularization of LED lighting; utilizing the advantage of YUXINFENG group’s full industry, and relying on the lower labour force cost in China, its goal is to develop high quality LED lighting products, and with most competitive prices in the world;

   For developing high quality products, it designedly hires Germany and Taiwan engineers, and invested the world level R&D laboratory, regard the Germany quality standard as their R&D standard, so most of YOOHUN’s LED lighting products have gained the TUV-GS approval;

   Recently, they released the new series LED down lights which most are used in commercial lighting, the new series LED downlights are named CC-LOT series, and CC-LOT means “lighting of tomorrow”;

    CC-LOT series LED downlights carries SAMSUNG latest generation LEDs which passed LM80, and carries TUV-GS approved drivers, moreover, it has achieved replacing PCB by end users even problems happen after warranty expired, which solved the end user’s worried behind; in additional, to meet end user’s individual requirements, CC-LOT series downlights has developed trims with different color like the concept of IPHONE 5C,such as red,green,orange,white and black, Yoohun’s distributors can change the trim according to end user’s needs;



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Q:What is the size LED downlight
The inches here are inches, not ancient measurements, inches, feet, rulers, etc.. 1 inches =25.4 mm =2.54 cm (1 inch = 2.54cm)So:4 inches =4 X 2.54=10.16cm. About 10cm = 100mm6 inches =6 X 2.54=15.24cm. About 15cm = 150mm8 inches =8 X 2.54=20.32cm. About 20cm = 200mm
Q:Home LED lighting downlight is broken, want to change themselves, I would like to ask how to remove ah? Where do you start?
Is the driver bad or lamp plant bad, general driving problem
Q:How are LED lamp quality is good or bad?
Drive power. A good driving power can guarantee a whole lamp life, theory of life LED lamp is 100 thousand hours, and the driving power of general life ranging from less than 50 thousand hours. So in order to ensure the whole lamp life, LED lamp manufacturers tell you that the driving power is very important, and it is also one of the most critical components. On the other hand LED downlight must be a constant current power supply, if using constant voltage power supply low cost will greatly shorten the service life of LED lamp. Then, how can we identify the constant current power supply? You can see several parameters, service life, light, light effect and warranty period. If the service life is longer, the quality of the power supply will be relatively better.
Q:Excuse me, how to install the LED lamp?
According to the instruction, the hole is opened on the ceiling with an openerThree: after opening the hole, pull out the wire, then connect the drive and the lampPay attention to the positive and negative poles of the lamps and lanterns, the ground mark of the lamps and lanterns, and correctly install the ground wirePay attention to the distance between the fixtures and the wall or the wall so as to facilitate the heat dissipation of the lamp
Q:There are no holes 7 cm, 9W led downlight
Between general 7-12W hole 9.5 cm can be chosen, the LED lights our company own, opening 9.5 cm, 9-12W, 7W ceiling light is also your choice, to choose a bright power point, brightness not too big, choose a smaller power good enough!!
Q:The difference between ordinary LED lamp and LED downlight and integration of advantages and disadvantages
Integrated downlight features:1. strong anti glare than the old lamp;The 2. lamp body adopts integrated design;3. spring elasticity is more suitable for installation;4. new package 2835 beads, can provide high lumen output. Have completed the best quality lamp wafer chip package can provide high brightness output. In many applications, it is very suitable. The design is compatible with the element size, brightness and trust so as to make the design more uniform spot downlight;5. the design of fastener design and opening recognition has been increased in packaging, which improves the reliability of packaging and the convenience of installing holes.
Q:Common questions about LED downlight spotlights
According to your lamp data should be 4W your dimming driver is 6--12, 12V4 is only 6W output power so only one use, otherwise affect dimming
Q:LED downlight, embedded lamps, lamp tube and difference?
No LED lamp lens, no light, light uniformity, light angle.LED recessed lamp is in accordance with the method, there are two types of installation and embedded installation. The recessed lamp is mounted inside the ceiling.LED cylinder spotlights have lenses, focus light, first focus on a place to illuminate, and where the illumination is high.
Q:Why use LED lamp light source patch
SMD LED light emitting angle is 180 degrees (theoretical value), the diffuse reflective light through the tubular lamp cup, directed and no lens dazzling, very suitable for general lighting purposes. Of course, the cost of the lens is also saved.
Q:How much is the general 15WLED lamp luminous flux.
Look at the product parameters, and if it's done with a single 1W, it's probably around 1600LM,

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