200w SAA approved led flood light

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP65 Color Temperature: Pure White Lamp Body Material: Aluminum
  ,,,,, Power(W): 200

Product Description:

1. Specifications

SAA approved led flood light
3 black
4 Meanwell Driver Cree chip

SAA approved led flood light 3 years warranty Meanwell Driver cree led flood light 200w SAA approved led flood light

DLC/UL/cUL/SAA/C-Tick/CE/RoHS approved LED Flood Light



2. Product Feature:



1.DLC/UL/ cUL/SAA/C-Tick/CE/RoHS approved, high quality guaranteed.

2.Imported original Bridgelux or CREE chip, authorised Shenzhen based supplier.

3.MeanWell driver for all High bay.

4.Optical toughened glass for the lens, high transmission of light; strong resistant of corrosion; extremely safe.      

5.VDE/SAA/UL standard wire is included.                                   

6.Reliable quality & credit,  years warranty and 50,000 hours lifespan.

7.72Hrs Auto Aging test time, every lamp will be checked by QC before packed.

8.Fast delivery, 5-15 workdays depend on order quantity after payment confirmed.

9.Mass, small quantity order accepted, Monthly supply capacity 6000-10000pcs/ item.

10.Tough box will be designed for the items, keep the safety of goods in the transportation




3. Product Range :



UL/cUL listed 1200mm T8 Tube, E358080, 15W/16W/18W/20W/22W.

DLC listed 1200mm T8 Tube, 15W/16W/18W/20W/22W.

SAA/C-Tick listed (600/900/1200/1500mm) T8 Tube, 10W/12W/15W/18W/20W/22W/26W.

UL/cUL listed High Bay, E356779, 120W/200W.

DLC listed High Bay, 120W/150W/200W.

SAA/C-Tick approved High Bay , SAA130206, From 60W to 300W.

SAA/C-Tick approved Floodlight , SAA130573, From 5W to 120W.

CE/RoHS approved for all products 


4. pictures

200w SAA approved led flood light

200w SAA approved led flood light

200w SAA approved led flood light



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Q:LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED courtyard lights, LED tunnel lights, LED solar lamps, current market capacity and saturation?
The LED market is far from saturation, you said these lamps accounted for less than US market for 1/100, not everyone does not want to buy LED lighting products, because we don't want to do the experiment, now LED in lighting there are many shortcomings, lack of brightness, brightness 60LM/W, brightness is not enough, electricity price compared with the ordinary lamp, the price is too expensive, the only advantage is long life, but now LED is not mature, reduced life expectancy.
Q:What is the use of flameproof flameproof lamps for mines?
Mine explosion-proof floodlights for coal mine roadway and chamber for fixed lighting industry; coal mine methane, dangerous environment of coal dust and other explosive gas mixture.
Q:What are the types of outdoor lighting? What's the difference between a LED floodlight and an LED projector?
And the floodlight, his lighting range is relatively large, can be adjusted arbitrarily, here, in fact, floodlight is a category of lights.There are line lights, wall washer lights
Q:What kind of floodlight is used for green lighting? What brand of floodlights, good quality, great God to help!
High power LED with 1000 hours after the decay is very obvious, do not know where the power is, flood lamp metal halide lamp several times more expensive
Q:LED floodlight shell is what material? Is it corrosion proof?
Aluminum, I do not know what you buy, it should be anti-corrosion bar, you buy buried or water inside?
Q:What is the 50W luminous flux of LED floodlights?
Zhongshan lucktrans lighting, outdoor lighting, lighting engineering and engineering refers to the glorious city, beautify the city environment, improve the overall image of the city, and the landmark buildings, shopping malls, tourist attractions, streets in the flow of people and more places to lighting lighting.
Q:30WLED how high can the floodlight be played?
Ling Gen LED tell you LED light and light difference where: LED cast light (LEDDownlight) called the spotlight, projection lamp, lamp and so on are mainly used as architectural decorative lighting and commercial space lighting decorative a heavy round like its exterior should consider its shape and the traditional heat reason light some difference between LED floodlights to four eight point light source irradiation range adjusted scene performance in eight face the floodlight effect map is widely used for standard light source floodlights illuminated with the
Q:What's the difference between floodlight and LED sky lantern?
Floodlight is a light source that can be irradiated evenly in all directions. Its range of illumination can be adjusted arbitrarily, and in the scene it is shown as an icon of a positive eight body. Floodlights are one of the most widely used light sources in the production of renderings, and standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene. To produce a better effect, the light bulb is mounted into a large reflector for use as a high brightness diffused light source. Although the lighting is essential for the shed, but for the average amateur indoor photography, also can be a good source of lighting effects.
Q:What's the difference between LED floodlight or HID floodlight? How many kinds?
LED flood light (HGLED-F)The light source adopts a LED, and the device adopts a special driving power supply. LED flood lights can be turned off instantly, lit instantly, and activated quickly. But if the light source or drive life is up, you may not change it, and you need a professional replacement.
Q:What are the 50 and 70 degree lenses for LED floodlights?
In this way, the lenses with smaller degrees are more suitable for areas with relatively small illumination rangeLight range is also related to the power of the lamp, power and low power according to the "at the same distance" place, certainly high power bright,

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