20-1200 TPH High-Efficiency PE Jaw Crusher 2015

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Product Description:

High-efficiency Mining Jaw Crusher Series Mobile Crusher In China

HJ jaw crusher in mining, building materials, construction and other departments are mainly used as coarse crusher and crusher. According to the inlet width size is divided into large, medium and small three, inlet width is greater than 600 mm for large machines, feed port in 300-600 - mm width for medium-sized machine, feeding mouth width is less than 300 mm for the minicomputer. Jaw crusher structure is simple, easy manufacturing, reliable work.

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PE Series Jaw Crusher: 
medium and fine crushing of various kinds of ores and rocks whose compression strength is 147~245MPa 


Product Description

Jaw Crusher : PE Series Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a crushing machine that is researched and developed very early. With simple and solid structure, reliable work, easy maintenance and repair and low production and construction fees, it has long been widely used for the coarse, medium and fine crushing of various kinds of ores and rocks whose compression strength is 147~245MPa in many industrial departments such as metallurgy, chemistry, building material, power plant and transportation. In recent years, to satisfy the requirement of crushing micro-carbon ferro chrome with high strength and high hardness in the industrial departments of metallurgy, mine and building, our company has specially researched and manufactured powerful jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher is mainly used for the medium-granularity crushing of all kinds of ores and large materials in mine, metallurgy, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemistry. The maximum compression strength of the materials to be crushed is 320MPa.


According to the product model different,Materials will be broken into various sizes.
What size do you need of Materials finished product?

You can consult us,give you the best answer!

20-1200 TPH High-Efficiency PE Jaw Crusher 2015

20-1200 TPH High-Efficiency PE Jaw Crusher 2015

20-1200 TPH High-Efficiency PE Jaw Crusher 2015

20-1200 TPH High-Efficiency PE Jaw Crusher 2015

20-1200 TPH High-Efficiency PE Jaw Crusher 2015

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