2-in-1 stick(HEPA filter ) vacuum cleaner

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Product Description:


Model: S01




2-in-1 stick VC

easy empty dust cup

HEPA filter




400W-600W nominal power

Dust bag capacity 0.8L

 1pc dust cup

Cable length 3M,

metal tube

Plastic brush

2pcs Nozzles

Dust Capacity:1L

Giftbox Packing


Product size: 240*130*1050mm

GB size: 680*115*135mm

Master carton size: 690*245*285mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 2200/4660/4960pcs


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Q:my parakeet tweety doesn't like baths why?
sometimes running water and vacuum cleaners and heavy metal makes birds want to take a bath. my cockatiel will land on my shoulder when i wash dishes and by the time i'm done with the dishes she is all worked up croaking and fluffing out her feathers that when i give her a spray bath with warm water she opens her wings and turns around and fluffs out for me! but at any other time she would not like it. buy a bird-bath spray in a pet store. you don't need to keep using it, you just need a spray bottle that never had chemicals in it, you can re-fill it with water. put the bird in the cage and take out all the food to keep it from getting wet. The spray the bird, but try to make the water fall on top of the bird, so spray over the bird to give it a rain shower, don't spray AT the bird. i think this sort of spray-bath is least painful for the bird in that the bird won't hate you too much. give your bird a treat of millet afterward. some birds will bathe themselves if you just leave a dish of water out for 'em. try leaving one out for a month or 6 months and see if the bird uses it.
Q:How old do you think is old enough to use a vacuum cleaner?
6, 7, or 8
Q:Is it just me or is anyone else afraid of vacuum cleaners?
No not afraid of them just tried of using the dam thing. My dog trys to eat it. and he thinks after its shut off he,s done killed it. Good boy!! LOL!!!
Q:Any advice on the dirtdevil featherlite bagless vacuum?
its light weight and is esasy to move around. the bad thing is that it fills up right away....like me
Q:What do you prefer?
Vacuum Cleaner
Be sure to get one with a beater bar for best cleaning. Check at a local independent vacuum dealer. Often they take in trade-ins on new ones. Otherwise, try Craig's list or your penny-saver local weekly paper. Last time I checked consumer reports, they liked the Eurekas. I also have some Power-Flite equipment for my business and they regularly run commercial uprights (like for hotels and restaurants) for $129.
Q:Quiet vacuum that will not scare my toddler.?
Hoover LINX cordless stick vac AKA the cheerio getter. Its pretty quiet, gets the job done and my little man loves to try to push it around.
Q:Is the an effective way to clean out laptop fans?
Yes. The best way to clean out your laptop fan is to buy a bottle of compressed air from walmart or another similar store and spray out the fan through the vents. Often this type of thing is found in the photo section of the store.
Q:What is the difference between expensive and cheap robotic vacuum cleaners?
The okorder.com for reviews.
Q:If Adam was made from DUST does God consider vacuum cleaners as EVIL?
Think again. God made Adam from red clay.

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