2-in-1 Stick(HEPA Filter ) Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

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2-in-1 Stick(HEPA Filter ) Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner



Model No.CNCL6240
Rated power (W):600
Vacuum (Kpa):10
Max Suction (W):110
Giftbox size:630*155*180mm
Noise (dB):76
Cord length:5M
G.W. (kg):2.3
N.W. (kg):1.8
Measurement (mm):138*219*1440mm

Dust capacity

QTY/ 40'HQ'(pcs)1416/2976/3408pcs



400W-600W nominal power

1pc dust cup,without Speed control,Cable length 3M, metal tube,Plastic brush,2pc Nozzles,Dust Capacity:1L,Giftbox Packing


Product size:138*219*144mm

Giftbox size:630*155*180mm

G.W/N.W:2.3/1.8Kgs  14.0/11.7Kgs

Loading QTY:1416/2976/3408pcs


Vacuum (Kpa):11-13



2 in 1 stick and hand stick vacuum

easy empty dust cup

HEPA filter



2-in-1 Stick(HEPA Filter ) Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

2-in-1 Stick(HEPA Filter ) Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner


Q1. Which certification do you have for the products ?



Q2. Do you have existing robot dust cleaner samples?

Yes, we do.


Q3. Do you accept our logo on your producs?

Yes,with R&D team and professional engineers,OEM service is not a problem.


Q4.Does the items allowed to sold overseas?

Of course yes, the design of this vacuum cleaners belongs to the factory,

with patented design,so the item can be sold anywhere freely.


Q5. Are you the trader or manufacturer?

We are the professional manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and you're welcomed to visit our factory anytime.


Q6. Where is your factory located?

We are located in Suzhou China.


Q7.What is the after-sale service?

With 12 months warranty.

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC


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Q:Vacuum cleaners for pet hair?
Dyson has a model that is great for pet hair, I think it says something about pets in the model name. About any vacuum will work well if you change the bag frequently, and vacuum really often--like daily. Good Luck!
Q:Packing issue-Space Bags?
Ask the Hotel's housekeeping staff if they have a vacuum you can borrow Buy another Suitcase and pay the Extra Bag Fee. Stuff as much as you can into the suitcase. if you have someone who can keep sitting on the items and pushing them down. Go to a local shipping store and have them ship any extra items back by something like UPS/FedEx. If you can do without things for a few days, sending it ground may be a cheaper alternative to buying the extra suitcase and paying the extra bag fee. Decide what you no longer want to have and find a local charity to donate the items to. Leave them in the Hotel for them to just take or throw away.
Q:Best quiet bagless upright vacuum $60 or less?
The Shark Retractor Euro-Pro is awesome! It is quiet, very light weight, and perfect for an apartment! You will be very happy and when on sale you can find them for under $60
Q:How do you get pet hair out of Carpet?
we have a great Pyrenees and deal with like tons and tons of white Cotton like hair and this may sound crazy but we went through four vacuums yes four before we started doing this get a large push broom freaking sweep up as much hair as u can this actually works really well to get hair up and they sell hair sponges made of foam rubber for furniture which also lift hair up brilliantly without needing refill ! we've had the same vac now foe two years other than maintenance cleaning it has survived thanks to this pre vac step
Q:The Vacuum Salesman?
lol star for u
Q:What about the Kirby vacuum cleaners?
What about Kirby Vacuum Cleaners? I know they're are noisy, and grossly over priced. You can talk the salesman down to around $600.00. Check first to see if the salesperson is driving a cadillac Escalade. Also, the sales people prey on old people, and will not leave the home until the unit is sold.
Q:my parakeet tweety doesn't like baths why?
I have had several parakeets and can tell u from experience some parakeets will bathe daily or even several times a day while others will only bathe once a week whether they think they need it or not. My females bathed daily but one male I had only took bathe once a week and sometimes not even then. Try getting a misting bottle and use luke warm water and mist her lightly while she's in her cage, she'll have a fit 1st couple of times but will tolerate it even if she never gets to liking it or else just let her bathe at her choosing.
Q:opnions on what the best vacuum cleaner is?
If you buy a vacuum for less than $200, you'll probably be buying another one in a few years, maybe even less. If you buy a really good one, you're likely to have it for 20 years and more, and it will do a better job than a cheaper one. I bought a used Filter Queen 20 years ago for $500, and it still works as well as it did the day I bought it. It's had one professional clean-up after I used it to vacuum the drywall dust from a new house but it hasn't even needed the belt replaced yet. The most versatile is a canister vacuum with a beater head. It will do a good job on carpet and everything else. Most uprights aren't bad for carpet but hard to use for other vacuuming so you find yourself not getting full use out of it, or if you're like me, swearing at it when it won't reach high enough to get cobwebs off the ceiling. I'd recommend going to a store that sells and repairs vacuums and see what they have. You can usually get pretty good deals on better quality used vacuums. If you have allergies, look for one with a HEPA filter. My favourite brands: Filter Queen (of course), Tri-Star or Ghibli. Tri-Stars are particularly nice, and don't need bags since they have a washable cloth bag so you don't have to spend on filters or bags. If I didn't already have a good vacuum, I'd buy one in a minute. I believe they were made under a different name at one time, but they are all about the size and shape of a motorcycle gas tank. I just looked on-line and there's a place called ABC Vacuum selling them for $550 with free shipping to mainland US. I'd call that a very good investment in a vacuum cleaner.
Q:How good are the Kirby Vacuum cleaners?
Ive had a Kirby, Electrolux and Rainbow (BIG pain!) I recently bought a Dyson (purple one for around $500) Best one yet! I have allergies and asthma so I am always trying to get one that helps with my problems. My friend raved about the Dyson (and it is bagless) I use it more than the others now. (actually the Rainbow was sold in a yard sale, and the Electrolux is now for the cars only) Even if they were the same price - I prefer the Dyson over all of the higher priced brands.
Q:Are there any really quiet vacuum cleaners?
They're out there, but be prepared to spend a bit of money to get one. I have a Ghibli shop-vac style one that's quiet enough that you can stand beside it while it's running and talk to someone. I just googled quiet vacuum cleaners and came up with a few choices. Hard to say what's available in your area. I'd go to local vacuum repair/sales places and ask what they have that's quiet. Look for the decibel rating on any vacuum you look at. If it doesn't give one, it won't be quiet because anyone who makes a quiet vacuum will want people to know exactly how quiet it is. Can't promise that even the quietest one won't upset the cat. There's something about vacuum cleaners that most pets don't like.

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