2 Burner Built-In Gas Stove from China

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2 burner built-in gas stove from China

No.1 in 2 burner built-in gas stove exports

CE & SASO certified



gas stove from China

CE & SASO certified 

Surface: 8mm elegant toughened safety glass surface

Base:0.6mm cold rolled steel with painting

Burner: 125mm / 125mm European style burner,


Automatic pulse ignition, 100% catching fire

Flame failure safety device on each burner

Fully sealed wipe over surface

Removable integrated control knobs


N.W./G.W.: 11.07/13.19 KG

Packing: 1pc/1 carton,              

20ft/40ft/40HQ: 462/980/1050 pcs.

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Q:What is the difference between a variable hob and a non - variable hob?
In the gear hob, the hob design is not the same as the ordinary hob design after the gear parameters are calculated by displacement.
Q:How much is the engagement of the general hob with various modules? (non theoretical, actual production)
When hobbing, the feed amount is related to the precision of the gear. In order to achieve high precision, the scoring is coarse, fine, rolling and cutting. Generally speaking, within two 5mm modulus, the gears with seven to eight orders can be made according to the requirements of the drawing. In the market economy, if it is a one-sided pursuit of efficiency and quality can be relaxed if I have seen 8mm modulus gear knife into place, cutting tool and machine tool (Y3180A hobbing machine) can not stand, can the boss agree that it must be so. This kind of dry work check, do not check, you can certainly say that the quality of substandard, diameter jump failure, the roughness of the surface roughness, tooth shape and tooth direction, not to mention unqualified. But the boss is proud that the product can be sold at a low price, in short supply. At the technical level, I could only accept such a process, so I resigned.
Q:How about the front edge, the normal and the normal tooth shape of the hob with rake angle?
To design hob, first of all, the tooth profile of the reference rack is required, and other related teeth are obtained according to the different structure of the hob. If the hob is a bevel, zero, or rake angle, the reference rack tooth profile can be used as the normal profile of the cutter. If the hob is the straight groove zero front angle, the above reference rack tooth profile shall be converted to the axial profile of the cutter. If the hob is straight groove with positive rake angle, it should be in front of the tooth or the axial profile of basic rack tooth profile conversion to the knife, which is who, detection technology, and the dielectric depends on the designer tool depth and a site. If the hob is a bevel, zero, or front angle, the above reference rack profile shall be converted to the front tooth profile of the knife. While the original basic rack tooth profile and linear tooth shape (involute curve tooth (workpiece) and processing of non involute workpiece) two, the landlord asked not clear answer, ask you to give an example, test analysis.
Q:The circular cutter mould heating cutting pearl cotton machine, mainly to do with the machine last name? Where can I get it?
Electric heating cutter, round hob, mould, heating, cutting, pearl cotton machine
Q:The difference between the gear hobbing machine hob hob with single and multi line please tell me what it is
Multi thread hob is long hob, 2 to 3 head, high efficiency, the processing of gear precision is lower. Single track hob is a single head hob, relatively speaking, the processing of gear less efficient, higher processing accuracy. The head number is also called the number of teeth. The number of teeth of the hob is not the number of teeth cut in a circle. That is called the number of grooves, which is easily mistaken for those who are not in the trade.
Q:Tool presetting method in hob grinding
To use a special hob grinder, first open the power supply, install the hob, can not be used to open a nut tightly - hydraulic hob spindle extends to the hob and grinding wheel center line and then stop motion - wheel hob spindle will fall into the hob flute, to deep point, - Rotary hob, hob front the knife surface attached to the wheel surface, light, rake face and wheel plane is better - tighten the pressure of hob with nuts -- well, can the grinding hob.
Q:What grinding wheel do we use to grind HSS HSS hobs?
Choose 60-70 purpose CBN grinding wheel. Instant coating is not too big a problem
Q:What's the difference in shape and function of the shaper cutter, shaving cutter and gear hob?
The shaper cutter is like a straight gear, and the front face of the cutter is concave taper in order to form the rake angle, and the machining accuracy of the gear is higher (than hobbing).The shaving cutter is like a helical gear, and the cutter teeth are arranged in a longitudinal groove, which is used for fine machining after slotting and hobbing.The hobbing cutter is shaped like a worm and is arranged along the axial direction, and belongs to the rack type gear cutter.
Q:The influence of hob accuracy grade on gear machining
Class a hob and B grade hob as you have the final shaving process hobbing to use, both can, technically, economically speaking, B is more reasonable. If the hobbing process is finished, it should be A or AA. The tooth profile error of gear hobbing process mainly originates from the precision, accuracy, hob cutter hob and gear blank datum correction, and hobbing process accuracy, tooth pitch accumulated mainly depends on the precision of hobbing machine precision and gear blank correction accuracy. Hob different levels of error in the 0.05MM level, so instead of using B hob, shaving allowance as far as possible to stay, that is, 0.15MM can. Pay attention to the roughness of the gear surface as it was before.
Q:What is the reason that the double gear hob changes the gear line of public gear too big?
The accuracy of the rotary table of the gear hobbing machine is large, or the deviation of the concentricity between the small column head and the worktable is too large. The first step is to check the gear hobbing machine workbench precision spindle work station is equipped with a standard, do not try to play the top hat, mandrel, preferably with micrometer, if the mandrel in the beating of a point always hit the minimum (minimum can reach 0.003), always in 0.015~0.03 between swing dancing. Sometimes more than 0.03, the surface of the worktable shell and the surface of the cone must be overhauled. If the core shaft can be positive, it is on the top of the top, a core shaft on the two beat, normal upper and lower deviation but over 0.015, such as the top is not so, that column with the table concentricity deviation is too large, to correct the small column. That is, double headed cutter processing, less gear, gear, public wire, there is momentum, but there is no landlord said so big ah. No more than 0.03. It is also important to check the accuracy of hobbing machines and gear blanks.
We always keep the principle of "specialization and innovation". Our gas appliances have adopted our patent technology - whirlwind on focus burning, which increases the heat efficiency of burning, and saves gas, time and money. We warmly welcome OEM and ODM orders from domestic or overseas clients. Prompt delivery and top quality will be strictly guaranteed by us.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hunan,China
Year Established 1997
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America 3.39%
South America 3.51%
Eastern Europe 1.53%
Southeast Asia 9.73%
Africa 10.82%
Oceania 1.72%
Mid East 58.69%
Southern Europe 0.75%
South Asia 9.86%
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008;ISO 14001:2004;SA8000;CE

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port SHENZHEN
Export Percentage 21% - 30%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 11-20 People
Language Spoken:
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 50,000-100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 8
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range High