2*6 AWG 8AWG 10AWG 12AWG cable cooper/ Aluminum Concentric Cable

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1.concentric cable
2.Iso -9001 quality guarantee
3.Manufacture direct sales,competitive price
4.Small quantity accepted

2*6 AWG 8AWG 10AWG  12AWG cable cooper/   Aluminum Concentric Cable 


  1. PVC Insulated Single Phase Concentric Aluminum Cable

  2. .     Scope

This specification is for PVC insulated single phase concentric cables with circular stranded aluminum conductors for operation up to and including 1000 volts  between phases and 600  volts to earth .The cable shall have a central phase stranded aluminum conductor insulated with red PVC and concentric layer comprising bare aluminum wires (combined neutral—earth  conductor) and outer sheath in black PVC.



a)      The cable shall be a service cable for continuous operation outdoors and tropical conditions  (temperature range of -1°C to +40°C,humidity of up to 90% and saline conditions along the coast).

b)      The cable shall be suitable for laying in cable ducts in air .

c)      Permissible continuous loading operating temperature shall be 70°C.



3.2.1      Phase Conductors

a)   The phase conductor shall be circular stranded annealed aluminum conductors (class 2).The phase conductor shall have a left-hand direction lf lay .

b)  The insulation of the phase conductor shall be red PVC compound specified in KS 04-1022.It shall be applied by an extrusion process and shall be spark tested.

3.2.2        Concentric Layer

a) The neutral conductor shall be concentric and shall be manufactured from plain annealed aluminum wires.

b)  The concentric layer shall be applied with a right hand direction of lay.

3.2.3        Over sheath

The over sheath shall be an extruded layer of black PVC



The characteristics of the cables shall comply with the following table.

Table 1:Characteristics

Phase Conductor

Concentric neutral conductors :

Number /approx. diameter of wires


Minimum lay lengths


Thickness of over sheath


Approximate overall diameter


Maximum conductor DC resistance per 1000mof cable at 20°C

Nominal area


No. /approx  dia. of wires


Thickness of insulation

































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