2.5L Digital Household Ultrasonic Cleaner Jp-4820, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine For Tableware/Dinnerware

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Product Description:


2.5L digital  ultrasonic cleaner JP-4820, ultrasonic cleaning machine for home use  


Favorable price for wholesale, 1000pcs, 2000pcs, 3000pcs…!


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Fashionable outlook--beautiful design--cute gift, Hands free! Enjoy life!


SKYMEN recommend you to clean:


1. Printer inkjet-heads, seals, ancient coins, badges, valves, machine nozzles, seal & comb


2. Silverware. Bronze ware, antiques, Jewelry, rings, diamond, bracelets,watches, body piercing, earrings.


3. Eyeglasses, sunglasses, optical lenses, tattoo instruments, and piercing.


4. Shaver head, razors, dentures, combs, toothbrushes, and dining appliance. 


5. Baby nipples, baby feeder bottles, tableware, fruit, and vegetables






5 digital timer setting


0~65C adjustable

Tank capacity




Tank size

264 x164 x80mm

Unit size


Inner packing


Carton Packing


Ultrasonic power







2.4 kg



Power supply  

AC100~120V, 50/60Hz; AC220~240V, 50/60Hz



Main features:

1. Lengthened tank for bigger capacity 2500ml

2. with Heater function 50W: heating up to 65°C, convenient for cold area

3. More strong ultrasonic power

4. with 5 digital timer display

5. With detachable power cables including earth wire

6. with detachable transparent lid

7. 4pcs/carton



Packaging & Shipping

Shipping info:

Carton size (4 pcs):        520x350x480mm (LxWxH)

Carton weight (4 pcs):      13 kgs

20' Container capacity:      1,320 pcs

40' Container capacity:      2,700 pcs

40' High container capacity:   2,900 pcs



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Q:Is the contact lens ultrasonic cleaner useful?
The eyes in the secretions of some large protein molecules into contact lens care solution, the decomposition of protease protein decomposition after the residue will be on the surface of the lens, so also need some physical forces pulled out, with ultrasound or finger radial clear lens, then rinse with nursing liquid
Q:What are the reasons for not cleaning the ultrasonic cleaner?
The power switch is damaged and there is no power input
Q:How to choose cleaning fluid for ultrasonic cleaner?
Do not use flammable or low flash point solutions. The energy released by cavitation is transformed into heat and kinetic energy, and high temperatures are produced in the solution, which is very dangerous for flammable liquids
Q:Can a mechanical watch be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner?
If you mean cleaning the shell with an ultrasonic cleaner, a diving watch is fine
Q:What is the mean of Ultrasonic cleanerr?
An ultrasonic cleaner is an instrument for removing contaminants
Q:What about the damage to the ultrasonic cleaner?
Take out insurance to watch, no fracture, with a multimeter through interrupted measurement is disconnected, the replacement of new devices
Q:What is the composition of an ultrasonic cleaner?
The ultrasonic generator generates high frequency high voltage cable connection line, through conduction to the transducer, the transducer and the vibration plate together with the high-frequency resonance, so that the cleaning tank of the solvent cleaning of dirt by ultrasonic wave.
Q:What about damage to diode rectifier circuit of ultrasonic cleaner?
According to the diode characteristic, the positive conduction, the reverse ended. Measured with a multimeter diode, the forward resistance is about 70, and the reverse is infinite. If the value of the deviation is too large or the forward resistance is also unknown, the rectifier bridge is damaged
Q:How to achieve the best cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaner?
Choose ultrasonic cleaning machines of suitable size and type
Q:What are the range of ultrasonic cleaners?
Surface treatment industry: degreasing and rust removing before electroplating; cleaning before ion plating; phosphating treatment; removing carbon deposits; removing oxide coating; removing polishing paste; surface treatment of metal workpiece.

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