2.2mm Top of the Board Frame Density Board Frame

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

The board, also known as density board, is made of wood fiber or other vegetable fiber as raw material, urea formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive. Adhesive and (or) additives can be applied in the manufacturing process. The fiber board has the advantages of uniform material, the intensity difference between the vertical and the horizontal, and the other is not easy to crack. 1 cubic meters of fiber board manufacturing takes about 2.5 to 3 cubic meters of wood, can replace 3 cubic meters 5 cubic meters of timber or timber. Development of fiber board production is an effective way of comprehensive utilization of wood resources.

2.Product Characteristic

The medium density fiber board is a kind of artificial board made by mechanical separation and chemical treatment of wood or plant fibers, and the incorporation of adhesive and waterproof agent, etc., and then through high temperature and high pressure. The structure of medium density fiberboard uniform than natural wood, but also to avoid the decay and insect problems, and medium density fibreboard expansion and shrinkage of small, easy to process. Because of the density of the surface of the fiber board is smooth, easy to paste a variety of finishes, can make furniture more beautiful. All kinds of decorative artificial board beautify home.


Name: MDF

Pine tree species:

Origin: Jiangsu

Grade: E2

Moisture content: 12%

Apparent density: 810

Bending strength: 11

Special features: not easy to split

Specifications: 2.2*1220*2440

Item: dnrnjl2.2NE2-810

4.Reference Picture

2.2mm Top of the Board Frame Density Board Frame

2.2mm Top of the Board Frame Density Board Frame

2.2mm Top of the Board Frame Density Board Frame

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