2.2KW YE2 three-phase ASYNCHRONOUS AC motor for induction

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 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:   Carton/ Wooden box or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Detail:        Within 30 days after30% deposit

  1. Prompt Quotation, Competitive Price

  2. 100%tested, Guaranteed Quality, 100% copper wire,  Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet 

  3. Good performance. 

  4. Energy saving ,Long working life .

  5. motor with ISO9002-2000, CCC, CE


Brand Name            OEM

Model Number         YE2

Type                          Induction Motor

Frequency              50Hz

Output Power             2.2kw

Phase                     Three-phase

Certification     CCC, ISO9002

AC Voltage       230 to 720V

Efficiency             IE2, IE1

Frame                 Cast Iron

Poles                      2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Ambient temperature     -15° to +40°c

Altitude                      1000 Meters

Duty                            Continuous(S1)

Insulation Class        Class F

Protection Class       IP55

Cooling Method       IC 411

Temperature   3*PTC or 3*Bimetal in Winding

Vibration                           A

Price                                    USD or EUR,RMB

Minimum Order Quantity         10 Pieces

Packaging Details    Carton/ Wooden box or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Time  Within 30 days after30% deposit

Payment Terms        L/C,T/T,West Union

Supply Ability                     10,000 Piece/Pieces per Month



       1. Double painting of winding.

       2. The screws on the front shield and the fan cover in stainless steel.

       3. Thermal protection of winding as standard.

       4. Control and power glands in the base price.

       5. Reduced vibration by max. 1.5 mm/s.

       6. Each engine goes through routine tests and the test result is delivered together with an invoice. Everyone can consider motor parameters.

       7. Engines above axial height 132 is provided with bearing shields made of cast iron. The engine obtains robust construction in compliance with weight limits.


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Q:Question about the general motors?
Alternating current general motors with stator coils and rotors are series of exciting! Its commutation needs to change the head and tail of the stator winding and the direction of the rotor commutator! As long as the connection is set! The connection is a turning point! In other words, you're turning the dc backwards! If there is no other electronic control element inside it will not burn!
Q:The converter can control which motors
The converter can be controlled General purpose motor This is used in situations where the accuracy of the torque speed is not high It has good energy saving and automatic control effect on the fan pump Vector control type inverter General motors can also be used to control frequency conversion motors Vector control characteristics have good control over torque load changes and speed above angular velocity A servo controlled converter And it's a lot more complicated to control the variable frequency special motor and to have better control and control over the vector
Q:The rated speed of ac motor
The rotation principle of the three-phase asynchronous motor Three-phase asynchronous motor to spin the prerequisite is to have a rotating magnetic field, three-phase asynchronous motor stator winding is used to produce a rotating magnetic field. We know that, but the phase of phase to phase voltage is in phase difference of 120 degrees, three of the three-phase asynchronous motor stator winding on the spatial orientation also sent 120 degrees, so, when during a stator winding into the three-phase power supply, the stator windings creates a rotating magnetic field, current every change is a cycle, a rotating magnetic field in a week, i.e., the change of the rotation of the rotating magnetic field and electric current is synchronized. The rotational speed of the rotating field is: n = 60f/P, f is the power frequency, P is the magnetic pole of the magnetic field, and the unit of n is: revolutions per minute. According to this formula, the speed of the motor is related to the number of poles and the frequency of the power supply. In general, the actual rotational speed of the motor lags the rotation of the magnetic field. For this we call the three-phase motor as the asynchronous motor.
Q:Who knows the main difference between dc motor and ac motor
External power supply is different, one is direct current, one is alternating current. The dc feature: (1) the speed of regulation is good. The so-called "speed regulating performance" means that the motor changes the speed of the motor under certain load conditions. Direct current electromotor can achieve uniform, smooth stepless speed adjustment under heavy load conditions, and the speed adjustment is wider. The starting torque is large. The speed adjustment can be achieved evenly and economically. As a result, people who are under the heavy load starting or require uniform adjusting the rotational speed of machinery, such as large reversible rolling mill, hoist, electric locomotive, trams, etc., all with dc dc motor motor drive. Communication features: The ac motor is more efficient, no smoke, no smell, no pollution and less noise. Due to its series of advantages, it is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, transportation, national defense, commercial and household electrical appliances, medical equipment and so on.
Q:60W regular ac motor needs to be fast and slow before stopping, how to control?
You want to know how fast you're talking, how long does it take to stop the process and how long does it take to complete the process?
Q:What is the difference between dc brushless motor and dc brushmotor?
The difference between a brushmotor and a brushless motor is whether it is configured with a commonly used brush - commutator. The commutation of the brush dc motor has been achieved through the contact of the graphite brush with the ring commutator mounted on the rotor. The dc brushless motor will give the rotor position feedback back to the control circuit through the hall sensor, allowing it to know the exact time of the phase change of the motor. Most manufacturers of brushless motor have three halls Effect location sensor. Because brushless motor does not have electric brush, reason also has no relevant interface, hence cleaner, the noise is smaller, actually need not maintain, life is longer.
Q:Any 220V ac motor can be reversed?
The motor can be turned on and off, just changing the wiring, which is the connection between the switch and the capacitance
Q:Is permanent magnet synchronous linear motor is ac motor or dc motor?
Permanent magnet motor, general is small dc motor, and ac motor, generally do not have dc small, the excitation that USES is line excitation also. It's not permanent magnetism. Like some razor, small motor is permanent magnet dc motor, some dc output of the generator, is also a permanent magnet, some also dc generator output, but it was all in after a dc generator output, and is not directly the output direct current.
Q:Three-phase asynchronous ac motor electric speed formula?
In China, the power frequency is 50 Hertz, so the synchronous speed of the dipole motor is 3000 RPM/min, and the synchronous speed of the quadrupole motor is 1500 revolutions per minute, and so on. The rotor of an asynchronous motor is always slower than or above its rotating magnetic field, and the name of asynchrony comes in. The difference between the rotor speed of the asynchronous motor and the rotational field speed (called the transvariation) is usually within 10%. Because of this, the actual speed of the three-phase asynchronous motor will be lower than that. If the synchronous speed of 6 is 1000 revolutions, the actual speed is 960 RPM/min.
Q:According to the power of motor, how to select the contactor and switch?
Select the circuit breaker as follows: The capacity of the motor is set to X (kW), the rated current of the motor as: 2 * X (A), in general, choose the circuit breaker rated current capacity shell frame is 4 * X (A), thermal rating of the breaker tripping current choice for (2.5 ~ 3.2) * X (A). For example: motor power 7.5 (kW), rated current of 15 (A), the capacity of circuit breaker should be 32 (A). Motor power (kW), 55, 110 (A) current rating, the rating of the breaker shell frame current capacity should be 250 (A), the circuit breaker rated heat tripping current choice for around 150 (A). The contact choice is the same as (3.5 ~ 4) * X (A). Note: the fan, pump circuit breaker and the contactor choose to be larger, because they have a longer start time, and the start torque is larger. 4, conductor selection: choose according to the rated current of the motor, generally 1.5 times the rated current, but want to consider laying environment, laying mode, multiplied by the appropriate factor.

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