1WZB45 1/2HP air-condition water pump and centrifugal pump

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Product Description:

 1.Quick Details



    • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

    • Model Number: SZB35 self-priming pump

    • Theory: Vortex Pump

    • Structure: Single-stage Pump

    • Usage: Water

    • Power: Electric

    • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

    • Fuel: electricity

    • Pressure: Low Pressure

    • Application: pumping clean water

2.Product Description


Power: 0.37kw/ 0.5hp

Hmax: 35meter

Qmax: 38l/min

Suction: 9meter



Pump body: cast iron HT200

Motor cover: steel

Motor coil: 100% copper 

Shaft: 45# steel

Bearing: C201


PS-130 self-priming water pump with a pressure tank as well as pressure swtich, which make the normal water pump become a small automatic water pump system. When the pressure upto the top, the pump will stop working automaticly, while when the pressure is lower the pump can start working automatically again, so you also can see which is prepare for the lazy person.



ModelPowerMax.FlowMax.HeadOutlet DiameterWeightDimension
WQD4500.452008.550 18.526.0*19.5*50.0


Condition of usage:


MQSS126 self-priming pump
Power: 0.37kw 0.5hp
Max head: 35meter
Max flow: 38l/min

MQS126 Self-priming pump:


Power: 0.37kw/ 0.5hp

Hmax: 35meter

Qmax: 38l/min

Suction: 9meter



Pump body: cast iron HT200

Motor cover: steel

Motor coil: 100% copper 

Shaft: 45# steel

Bearing: C201


  • Materials:

  • Pump body: cast iron

  • Impeller: Brass/Stainless steel/PPO

  • Mechanical seal: carbon/ceramic/stainless steel


  • Technical datas:

    the stainless steel material makes the pumps be more suitable for water supplying in domestic installations.

  • Technical datas:

  • This series pumps with stainless steel pump body, it equipped with water proof plug and power cord and watertight switch.


  • It's suitable for gardening, water supply, washing , increasing water pressure, etc.

  • It's usually can be combined with a pressure switch and surge tank to be used as a domestic water system for distributing water.




    single stage,high efficient electric pumps.have very big capacity.




    HF series centrifugal water pumps, are single stage, high efficient electric pumps, consisted of a miniature motor and a single impeller centrifugal pump. They have big capacity.


    They are widely used in well pumping, water supplying, decanting, mixing and irrigating for civil, industry and agriculture,etc.


    Technical datas:


    HF-5C0.60.850012.582" * 2" 1500
    HF-5B0.7516001382" * 2" 1500
    HF-5A1.11.56501582" * 2" 1500
    HF-5BM1.11.56002082" * 2" 950
    HF-5AM1.526002382" * 2" 950



    1WZB45 1/2HP air-condition water pump and centrifugal pump


    any type

    1WZB45 1/2HP air-condition water pump and centrifugal pump



    any price

    1WZB45 1/2HP air-condition water pump and centrifugal pump




    MQS126A  :  PCS in brown carton.  Inner box can be color boc(depands on quantity) design can be as customers requirement.




     Shipping Date:  30 Days After received the Deposit.


     1×20FT Container can load  :    2100pcs of  MQS126A


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