1mm brass laser cutting machine CNBM form China

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Working Principle


Laser cutting is achieved by powerful laser focused on object to cause instant metling and evaporation, with


xenon lamp as the generator. Automatic cutting is controlled by digitalized mechanic system.


This machine has condensed the technologies of laser, digital and precise mechanics.




1. Smooth and fine edge or surface and small distortion. Higher cutting speed and low cost, operation safe


and stable function. Imported servo motor and gearing system to guarantee precise cutting. 


2. Dedicated software enables graphic or text to be instantly designed or processed .Flexible and easy




3. Automatic Focusing System 


Application Fields


Laser cutting machine is applicable to cutting on plate or tube in metal or nonmetal materials. It is ideal for


cutting on S. S., carbon steel, alloy steel, copper plate, aluminum, rare metal, porcelain chip, diamond and


widely used in sheet metal processing, metalware, kitchen appliance. high resolute device, electric control 


box, auto parts, glasses, posters, crafts, lighting and precise parts.



Technology Parameters


Wave length


Max.laser power


Max.cutting speed


Min.line width


Repeat positioning accuracy


Pulse frequency


Working area


Cutting thickness


Control System




Total power consumed


Power supply


Floor space


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