1kw off-Grid Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Generating Set

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1000 unit/month

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Product Description:




Overall length


Rated power


Wind protection mode

Electromagnetic brake +   mechanical brake

Cut-in wind speed



Permanent magnet synchronous   generator

Rated wind speed



Direct drive

Cut-out wind speed


Blade material

Reinforced glass steel

Safe wind speed



Maximum altitude at rated   working conditions: 1000m

Number of blades

3 pieces

Temperature and humidity

Temperature: -40ºC~ +55ºC,   humidity: 0 ~90%

Wind wheel diameter


Environmental requirements

50m/s wind resistant(It may   be used in the harsh environments such as the dusty and salty conditions)



Product Description


The wind turbine is driven by natural wind to drive the wind wheel and wind turbine to rotate, and the wind energy is converted into three-phase AC electric energy and then into DC power by controllers, and finally stored in the new energy power generation equipment of battery pack. Electrical energy stored in the battery pack may directly supply power to the DC loads or be converted into AC 220V/50Hz ( or 110V/60Hz) by inverter to supply power to AC loads.



Mechanical brake technology with completely independent intellectual property right is highly reliable;

1kw off-Grid Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Generating Set

1kw off-Grid Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Generating Set

With good low-speed power generation capacity and the resistance to 50m/s strong wind, it is suitable for use in harsh environments such as dust and salt spray;

Blade is made of GFRP and processed through RTM and special surface coating;

Efficient permanent magnet and optimized magnetic circuit are adopted, high-permeability and heat-resistant materials are selected; stator assembly is processed by vacuum impregnation to greatly improve the insulation resistance and service life;

With the low maintenance requirements, it has no part in need of regular maintenance.


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Q:Electric power equipment start-up and commissioning of the project there is a difference?
The start of the equipment is started in the single test.
Q:Pre checking and checking of goods in power system
That is one of the effective means to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment. Over the years, the power sector and power equipment of large industrial and mining enterprises are basically in accordance with the rules of the preventive test of power equipment issued by former Ministry of electric power "(hereinafter referred to as the" Regulations ") requirements for testing, the timely detection and diagnosis equipment defects play an important role.
Q:What are the two devices in the power system
. Such as measuring instruments, relays, switches, buttons, automatic control equipment, computers, signal equipment, control cables and some power supply devices, etc..
Q:Maintenance of electrical equipment, security measures to ensure that what
0, in the maintenance of the unit, the unit of the internal control components, need special inspection, is strictly prohibited to open the electronic control box.11, the unit test, in the control panel of the unit, the unit before and after cutting motor direction of head and tail of each station by one person to start and stop the operation, before the test, first of all to carry out safety checks on around the unit, after confirmation, can operate.12, in the maintenance of the power supply system, first put the cooling water system, can be maintained, so as not to cooling water into the power system.13, in the maintenance of power equipment, to check the integrity of the electrical equipment and flameproof performance, so that each equipment to meet the requirements of the standard and explosion-proof. 14, any kind of relay protection device failure, power equipment shall not be put into operation.
Q:Buildings, factories, institutions, power distribution room of the power equipment as required
And some equipment is required to use the 6kV power supply, voltage level and the load of the device determines the choice of power equipment rated voltage, current value. Building, there are generally important electrical equipment such as elevators, in the national specification clearly requires, a class, two types of load is not allowed to power outages, which long requires the use of dual power supply
Q:Insulation level of electrical equipment used in neutral point grounding system shall be
For example, 220kV transformer (YNYnd11) insulation level high voltage side is LI950AC395-LI400AC200, the front half part (head) of the lightning impulse voltage and power frequency withstand voltage were significantly higher than that of the second part (neutral side). According to the power frequency withstand voltage needs to achieve 1.6 times the rated voltage requirements, the first end of the line voltage is considered in accordance with 220kV, the neutral point according to the phase voltage (127kV) considerations. But there are some places are fully insulated, that is, according to the line voltage calculation.The triangle connection must be considered by the line voltage. Overall, C is definitely right.
Q:Power equipment is required to replace the dimension, the state has no relevant provisions
If the customer has the ability to organize their own maintenance can also be replaced by Victoria
Q:On the nameplate of the electrical equipment, what does ith UE ie mean?
UE subscript is rated voltage, rated current, rated power,Ith is a heating current,Ui insulation voltage
Q:What specific enterprises and units are used to test the power of the equipment ah
Electrical installation company, has installed for repair, test qualification. The test is power detection.
Q:What equipment is necessary on the list of electrical engineering equipment?
MSXB-F-75kVA/720kV frequency conversion resonance withstand voltage test device, MSDBF-30kVA multi frequency induction withstand voltage test device,

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