18w t8 1.2m tube led lamps Top lumen High Brightness Indoor led tube

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Warm White   ,,,,, Lamp Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
IP Rating: IP68 Power(W): 24 Working Temperature: -20~40
Lifespan(Hours): 100000

Product Description:

Product Description

18w t8 1.2m tube led lamps Top lumen High Brightness Indoor ledtube 



Features of  18w t8 1.2m tube led lamps


1.Competitive price: Factory directly sell to keep low prices
2.Energy saving: Saving more energy 60%-90%, compare with traditional source
3.Long lasting:  More than 50,000 hours working time
4.Eco-friendly: No any harmful radiate spectrums such as UV or infrared ray included
5.Cost saving: Low consumption of power and the rate of conversion is over 95%
6.Breakage resistance: Solid LED light source and not easy to damage
7.Good heat dissipation: Higher Thermal conductivity aluminum shell and excellent head conducting aluminum
8.Special Driver: Isolated driver with IC constant current function,works more stable and longer 


 Parameter  information of    18w t8 1.2m tube led lamps 


LED Tube Length

1200mm / 4 feet

Model Number




Input Voltage




LED Type

Epistar SMD2835

Color Temperature








Beam Angle




1. High quality high transmittance PC cover, refract light more even, can not see the smd,no dark area


2. Imported Epistar SMD2835, over 25lm/pcs, CRI 80, good heat dissipation to support longer life


3. In-put AC 85-265v, constant current IC driver support stable current for led chip, ensure long lifespan,

   non-isolate constant current dricer has  high transformation efficiency than isolated driver,can make

   high Power factor to above 0.95


4. High quality thick aluminum support excellent cooling effect

 18w t8 1.2m tube led lamps Top lumen High Brightness Indoor led tube 



 All size of LRKJ  18w t8 1.2m tube led lamps 




 All sizes of   18w t8 1.2m tube led lamps

Model No










Output power










Input Voltage


Light source

EPSTAR 2835-0.2W/pc



Warm White:2800-3300K, Nature White: 4000-4500K, Pure White:6000-6500K.



Beam angle

180 degree


>50000 hours



-15~45 deg C



Power Factor





2 years


CE,RoHS,FCC,PSE,TISI and so on 


 Application of  18w t8 1.2m tube led lamps 

1.  Residential lighting 

2.  School

3.  Hospital

4.  Subway

5.  Shopping mall

6.  Factories , offices and meeting rooms. 

7.  Places where need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting.



Installation of  18w t8 1.2m tube led lamps 

Precaution: Switch off power before doing any works.


Method A: 

Step 1. Remove the traditional fluorescent tube from the lighting fixture.
Step 2. Take out the inductor ballast from the lighting fixture.
Step 3. After take out the ballast, there will have two wires. One wire connects to right side and  another wire connects to left side.

Step 4. Install LRKJ Led tube light into lighting fixture. 

Method B: 

Precaution: Switch off power before doing any works.


Step 1. Remove the traditional fluorescent tube from the lighting fixture.

Step 2. Take out the starter and electronic ballast from the lighting fixture.
Step 3. After take out the ballast, there will have two wires. One wire connects to right side and another wire connect to left side.

Step 4. Install LRKJ Led tube light into lighting fixture.



Packaging & Shipping


Packing & Shipping of 18w t8 1.2m tube led lamps  


A: cylindrical inner box and big external carton; 25pcs per carton


QTys / Container600mm led tube900mm led tube1200mm led tube1500mm led tube
20FT860cns /21500pcs560ctns/14000pcs430ctns/10750pcs325ctns/8125pcs


Packaging & Delivery


1260*220*230mm/ctn 12kg; 25pcs/ctn.



T8 led tube 1-3days for sample; 5-15 working days for batch qty



Shipping by express will take about 3-5 working days;

Shipping by air will take about 5-10 working days;

Shipping by sea will take about 20-25 working days.

18w t8 1.2m tube led lamps Top lumen High Brightness Indoor ledtube

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Q:How do the fluorescent tubes fail?
There is no value in repair, or change.You can't fix it, you can't vacuum.
Q:I have LED lights on fluorescent lamp tubes, and I have tested five times a dc
But I'm very weak with five of these five, and I'm supposed to say that one 1.25 volts, 176 times and 1.25 is 220 volts,
Q:The same thing is 5w, is this LED tube power or is this a fluorescent lamp?
Good, power same power consumption same, this is formed under the same type of floodlight. But the power factor of the LED tube is higher than that of the fluorescent fluorescent bulbs, though not much higher than that.
Q:How do I get the four joints of the LED fluorescent tube
I can't put a picture on it, you can try it yourself, add a rectification bridge at each end of the tube, and then you put the positive plus positive on both sides, negative plus negative, onto the next bridge
Q:The various specifications of LED fluorescent tubes
LED daylight lamp tube routine parameters: 1, fluorescent lamp specifications: T8, T5, T4 difference and length of tubes, power description: commonly used with T8 and T5 fluorescent lamp specification, T4 lamp, with three tubes of a set of usually is T5 tube, commonly used fluorescent lamp specifications have T10, T12 long ago. "T", represents the "Tube", said the Tube, the Numbers behind the T Tube diameter, T8 is eight "T", a "T" is 1/8 of an inch, one inch is equal to 25.4 mm, then each of the "T" is 25.4 present 8 = 3.175 mm
Q:What is the idea of an LED daylight lamp called T5 or T8?
Integration tube: currently, mainly appears in the LED industry, design reason mainly lies in the fact that the LED itself is not easy to damage, but the LED heat emitted by itself is very big, if the cooling area is too small, easy to cause the droop is bigger, so will the lamp and stents design together at the same time can reduce the cost, and can ensure the LED light attenuation!
Q:Buy LED fluorescent tubes to see which parameters
Led fluorescent bulbs are recognized and accepted for their health and energy efficiency. But, as a ordinary consumers or less of the professionals in the choose and buy leds, there may be some doubts - what a lamp is better, is suitable for use in yourself! As a professional manufacturer of led fluorescent lighting, hill photoelectric has some Suggestions for reference only. Constant current, no flash Led voltage is determined by the chip itself, and the resistance is in with the rising of temperature change, if not using constant current power supply, Led the current will increase, more than rated current job for a long time, can greatly shorten the service life of the Led. An LED constant is a constant flow of temperature and voltage, ensuring that the current is constant. And constant current, can let lamps and lanterns not stroboscopic.
Q:The ambient humidity of the LED daylight lamp is in the range
Environment humidity, I think for this kind of sealed electrical appliance, whether can not consider the effect of humidity to electric appliance.
Q:Now there is no led lighting, just like the fluorescent light bulb, which is universal
The original 40w tube can buy 1.2m LED tubes, and the power is about 16 watts.
Q:The life of LED fluorescent lamp tube
Green environmental protection of semiconductor lighting, the light is downy, spectrum pure, is good for eyesight protection of workers and healthy body, the 6000 k cold light source, give a person the feeling of cool and refreshing on the vision, help to concentrate, improve efficiency.

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