18mmE2 Grade Cutting Density Board Line, Pine Wood Factory Line

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

The had been excessive resin crowded fast-growing species the bodiless drying into high-quality sheet, allowing the pine to its plain texture, lifelike texture, pure and bright color, the home decorate the environment to elegance, pure static, integration and natural harmony and peace, and pine furniture is the United Nations Department of Humanities and furniture for the environmental protection. Pine furniture in the vision first "color" duo. Tranquil and soft pine color "a born beauty difficult to abandon myself" let the other species in abasement. Carving wood color furniture is the natural scenery, is a natural style, rough texture, delicate lines, the rigid flexible and economic.

2.Product Characteristic

1.Environmental Protection

Pine furniture relative to other furniture will be more environmentally friendly, especially at present, many after painted furniture formaldehyde content is extremely high. Because of the pine furniture flexibility and permeability is strong, even if it is painted pine furniture, formaldehyde content will greatly lower than other furniture. Without paint spraying of pine furniture, retained the original features, natural texture, natural beauty. No pollution.
2. design simple fashion
Pine has a clear and simple raw wood Road, log tonal let people pleasing, outstanding texture. This is also a lot of pastoral style enthusiasts choose the reason.
3. good thermal conductivity, easy maintenance usually with a soft cloth along the grain texture, the dust can be for furniture.
4. elastic and air permeability, good thermal conductivity and easy maintenance.The growth cycle of 5 pine long, fine wood ring, flexible texture, low oil content of trees.


Product Code: dnlngy18NE2-750

Product specifications: 18mm*22mm*1220mm

Production line: import multilayer production line (Andrea F)

Mill: Andrea F

Material: poplar wood

Color: light color wood color

Environmental protection grade / glue: E2

Density: 750 fand kg/m

Class I

Moisture content: less than 12%

Apparent density: 750

Thermal conductivity: in the

Bending strength: more than 17.2Mpa

Purpose: door factory line

Use range: Indoor

Special features: easy to fix

Material: density board

Specifications: 18mm*22mm*1775mm, 18mm*22mm*1220mm

4.Reference Picture

18mmE2 Grade Cutting Density Board Line, Pine Wood Factory Line

18mmE2 Grade Cutting Density Board Line, Pine Wood Factory Line

18mmE2 Grade Cutting Density Board Line, Pine Wood Factory Line

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Q:What is b wood test drying method
Drying method is the basic method of measuring the moisture content of wood, but also the most commonly used method
Q:How to process woodwork
An object if the axis in any position to do cross-section, are round, then, is the roundabout. Such as sticks, columns, balls, bowls, tubes, cones and so on.
Q:Wood products hand string which is better
If the material is relatively hard, easy to save, it is recommended to choose the Buddhist Qibao in the 砗 磲 / agate / crystal / coral, etc., Buddhism Qibao, refers to seven treasures, also known as seven Jane. Qibao refers to: 砗 磲, agate, crystal, coral, amber, pearl, musk these seven.
Q:Wood products waxing
1, after waxing will be bright, bright color. Before waxing the best thorough cleaning, keep no dust, no foreign body.
Q:Species, fruit, flowers, wood and its products
Pest species "to fill in all the species of forest pests investigated in this place, may only fill in the Chinese name,
Q:How can the wood products of white paint long time does not change color?
On this point, you can enter in Baidu "decorative pollution" and "EU decorative paint guidelines 2007-2010" can be found. Wall paint, are generally water-soluble, safe and environmentally friendly are no problem, the general brand in the high-end product line are good. Such as to Granville, Green Bo, Dulux, China Resources, Dabao, Carpoly and so on. As for the state, is the Japanese goods, I resist. Added: the current is not yellowing only water-based paint.
Q:What are the wood products? Is the wooden product environmentally friendly?
There is a lot of factors to judge whether a product is environmentally friendly enough to write a paper. But the comprehensive consideration, the most important three points is whether the toxic to the environment, is conducive to recycling. Whether the transition consumes resources.
Q:Is the wooden product environmentally friendly?
Wood products are divided into the following categories: furniture, wood products, office wood products, wood product
Q:How does the wood bleach?
When certain wood or wood products are to be light-colored and transparent, the natural uneven color of the wood and the stain caused by other causes must be removed by bleaching. Bleaching methods are mostly applied with chemical drugs on the wood surface. The bleaching process can be carried out on the entire surface of wood or wood products. More in the local color depth of the wood surface. Bleaching Method The following drugs can be used to bleach wood with a bleach solution.
Q:Guizhou furniture for what kind of wood furniture
Wood furniture, the balance of moisture must be less than 15%, only suitable for use in Guizhou climate conditions. Otherwise, the wood products will crack or deform. Wood is a hygroscopic material, wet material placed in the air, will continue to evaporate moisture; dry material placed in the air, the air will be absorbed by the wood moisture.

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