180 Degree Fisheye Lens For Iphone/Htc/Samsung Clip Lens And Tablet Magnification Lens

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Product Description:

Package Included:


Lens *1pc

Hand strap *1pc

Ring *2pcs

Usage guide card

Lens cap *1pc

Accessories bag *1


Product descriptions:

Model : FE-180

Magnification:170°--180° FISH-EYE

 Lens construction:3 elements in 3 groups

Dimensions:25.0 ( diameter ) x 14.9 mm ( length )

Weight :11.4 g



Glass lenses: High Clarity, multi-coated optical glass



metal high-quality aluminum

Glass lenses

multi-coated optical glass


3M adhesive stickers


3M stickers


PP environmental plastic



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Q:What camera and lens are suitable for humanistic photography?
Corresponding to the above, you can filter out the relatively consistent with the models. First, because the digital SLR size is not small enough, so the digital SLR is not appropriate; Secondly, because the shutter sound too loud, you can take pictures of the phone is not in the selection of the list; Moreover, because you can not see the immediate effect, film machine is not suitable For the humanities photos; again, because the time is not short enough, card-type DC is not suitable for humanistic photography; according to the above requirements, and then according to their own habits of the camera can choose the most suitable for their own camera.The third, to accommodate enough scenes; fourth, low-key; fifth, good quality, with the digital camera with a good match; the first, small size, in the hands of light; second, character deformation small;
Q:Shoot macro, what camera and lens to buy?
In the general digital camera or normal normal lens before adding a magnification magnification is not large, you can simply close to the subject, photographed macro effect. But because adding a magnifying lens, the quality will be lower than the original lens, but can make ordinary digital camera to enjoy the fun of macro photography. Another way does not affect the quality of the method is only applicable to the SLR or micro single camera, between the lens and the fuselage plus a close-up ring (with the brand camera and lens compatible close-up not only bayonet fit, There are the same electrical signal transmission contacts, if the purchase of the original brand with the same close-up ring is better, but the price is not low) method, this access ring is usually 12mmm, 24mm and 36mm several, can be a single Use or group use, so that the original ordinary lens image from double to double the focal length, and produced a magnified image, this method is characterized by shooting the lens to maintain the original optical quality, but the actual aperture Will be reduced, the light is weak when the viewfinder will be slightly difficult. The easiest way is to remove the ordinary standard lens, and then buckle in the fuselage of the lens can be connected, you can also take a macro picture, but then there is no TTL metering, the aperture can not change, the focus is not easy to control, Vulnerable to the camera and the fuselage between the stray light dry.
Q:How to maintain the camera lens?
When the mold is moldy To mold, for example, mild moldy may have little impact on imaging, or only affect the edge of the image. And more serious mold, may reduce the sharpness of the lens, the contrast decreased. The most serious situation may even make the whole lens white vast, completely unable to imitate. Here are some tips for the maintenance of the lens, for your reference: to avoid the physical damage before and after the lens to buy the lens, usually with the front and rear cover. We do not map convenience, do not cover the front and back cover, or not to buy it again. Because there is no front and rear cover, lenses and electronic interfaces can easily be hard to scratch. There is no protection filter, the lens is directly damaged
Q:Do you want to give the camera when you come back?
See what you buy Some only sell bare metal with some hedging Generally speaking, the price is bare metal prices in fact the best not to hedge their own with a good match
Q:SLR camera lens using a different focal length to shoot the same object, quality distinction?
You are talking about the focus after the focus, as long as the purpose of shooting according to the appropriate choice of focal length of the fixed focus is generally able to move around the zoom.
Q:Digital camera lens suddenly shrink back? Camera is the Canon IXUS 210 how to do?
Shaking the camera. Once I focus on the lens when the problem, and then thrown well
Q:Canon SLR lens how to choose?
to sum up: 1,17-40mm for landscape. 2,85mmf1.8 for portraits. 3, the future to consider 70-200mm (with white or small white, whether with anti-shake, by your), for telephoto theme. The combination of the three lenses, fixed variable combination, focal lengths reasonable, no loopholes, or more ideal.
Q:How the camera lens is wet
Married people first of all to the family account of its usefulness, or you have mouth can not tell, go out with a condom? No one's wife and her husband do not misunderstand ah? Do not put your whole body unbearable miserable strange. As long as the truth, I would like to be sure to understand the drip, if really a little romantic things you have reason to explain Oh.     Usually store the words, moisture box.
Q:SLR lens filter function and type
Seven, blue mirror (B):         For black and white photography. The mirror through the green, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow and other colors. Wavelength of about 400-500nm range through the need to increase the exposure level 2 or so (according to the degree of softness of the mirror to master). Eight, gray mirror (ND):         There is a consistent absorption characteristic in the visible range. From the role of light, there is no color change. Is a commonly used to adjust the bright filter. Nine, Leiden 80:         The mirror color temperature conversion filter, points A, B, C, Leiden 80A color temperature from 3200K to 5500K. The use of the mirror can be sun-type film for artificial light source.
Q:What is the meaning of the VR on the camera?
The camera's safety shutter is based on the countdown of the lens focal length, such as the focal length of 50mm, the safe shutter is 1 / 50s, if less than the shutter speed, in theory, it is easier to produce jitter. From this point we can understand that the longer the focal length, then the shorter the safety shutter, if the telephoto lens focal length to 300mm, its safe shutter is 1 / 300s, if the shooting conditions are not ideal lighting conditions, then very Difficult to reach the safe shutter, hand-held shooting jitter is difficult to avoid. VR damping technology can reduce the shutter speed of 2-3 files, so more conducive to the light conditions are not ideal at the same time can not use a tripod and other equipment in the case of shooting clear photos. So compared to professional high-end SLR lens, in the home digital camera popular VR anti-shake technology seems urgent. Especially in the telephoto digital camera, anti-shake function becomes more important. Anti-shake generation (VR) and the second generation (VR II), generation can reduce the three shutter, such as 50mm lens, do not open VR to have 1 / 60 to clear, open the VR generation, down three shutter, that is, 1/15 seconds can be clearly shot, the second generation down four shutter, cheap lens only VR switch, a little better lens mode selection, a normal mode , A chase mode, suitable for making animals, cars and so on.

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