15T/H ro system drinking mineral water treatment equipment

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1.  The reverse osmosis device is an equipment to purify the saline water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane,it is called reverse osmosis,as it is counter to natural penetration direction,


Different materials have different osmotic pressures,The reverse osmosis method to adopt larger osmotic pressures is used to obtain the purpose to separate,extract,purify and condense.


   2.  More than 97% soluble salts and 99% glues,microbe,particulate and organic substances and etc can be removed with  the reverse osmosis,it becomes the most idea equipment for the modem program of pure water,the equiment are shown as lower energy consumption,simple technics,high water quality,easy operation and maintenance.

Pretreatment of this machine has adopted stainless steel multi-medium filter, active carbon filter

Pretreatment of this machine has adopted stainless steel multi-medium filter, active carbon filter to remove large size impurities and floating materials effectively. Water input index of RO films is improved so that extraordinary smell and remaining chorine of the raw water can be effectively removed, and the taste quality of the water is therefore improved. 
The main RO machine has applied high efficient low pressure compounded membrane from the USA, whose desalt rate of single film may reach up to 97%. Over high or over low-pressure protection facilities imported from South Korea have been applied to lower the problem rate of the facility to almost zero. High class standing type stainless pump from LOWALA, USA and medical material input system from Midunlo, USA have been applied.

function of the machine:


ro membranes auto wash and manual wash


ro membranes manual wash wite medicine 


pure water high water level auto stop,low water level auto start


multi-phases pump protected without water


protected when no power ,poor power,larger electrical current


short circuit, creepage of electricity

 We use sus 304 tank to fill quartz sand and active carbon. The controlling machine is made of    stainless steel, as well as . All water water pipes is PVC material.

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Q:How to choose household water filter
Effects: generally available for cooking, washing dishes, wash your face and so on. Features: usually this simple purified water is not recommended for direct drinking. It is best to boil before drinking. Drinking water filter: drinking water filter, that is, water dispenser. Principle: it uses ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis technology, can effectively remove calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic substances and heavy metal ions in water, and it filters all minerals and impurities in water.
Q:Can tank water be filtered with a household purifier?
No matter what kind of change is not the lack of water filtration, filtration, but reduced water fish food residue and even the concentration of ammonia and nitrite, but for residues of heavy metals and harmful bacteria and viruses have not what effect, even becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. So it's necessary to change water regularly. New water can stimulate the growth of fish and inhibit the multiplication of harmful bacteria. For your 1 meter cylinder, change 2 barrels of water a day, almost 1/12 to 1/10 of the whole tank water. If the water is not changed for a long time, although the concentration of ammonia and nitrite can be controlled, but the concentration of nitrate is increasing and PH is decreasing. So don't be obsessed with the idea that you can't change water for a long time, so you can't keep good fish!
Q:Why doesn't the filter work when my aquarium has changed?
Check that the filter pump is burned, and if not burned, that is, the air ran in, your fish is sick, it is best to add salt or bactericidal solution, erythema, white problems,
Q:Does water purifier improve water quality?
The function of the water purifier is to filter out all the minerals and trace elements, namely, pure water (pure water), also known as poor water". This water is not suitable for people to drink for a long time, because the necessary minerals and trace elements can not be added through the water, but also the human body after drinking water absorption of minerals and trace elements, in order to make the water itself to achieve a balance, and ultimately excreted, long-term drinking water this kind of great harm, especially if the long term infants only drinking water, will seriously affect the physical development, performance has long tooth body late, slow growth, weak constitution etc..
Q:Is the water filter useful?
Effect of ultrafiltration filter ultrafiltration filter is what we call the ultrafiltration straight drink machine, straight drink machine is through ultrafiltration purification of tap water quality of ultrafiltration, removal of rust, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in tap water, while preserving the mineral water is beneficial to the human body and micro elements, unscrew the faucet can be directly used for drinking. Tea and coffee, soup taste more delicious.
Q:Family drinking water purifier, which is good?
Almost all of it, Yijing Kang water center can serve you.
Q:How do you make your own cigarette filter? The kind of water. You have the best picture
The mind is clear: 1, Yantai Dalian and, from the macro point of view, it wins the drugs, from the individual, from the inside to the outside of the body and silkworm every aspect of every organ, and distort the mind and be enslaved. 2, no intention of useless, people did not evolve into the physiological function of tobacco, people do not need smoke. Giving up smoking is not sacrifice, it is harvest, health, freedom and self satisfaction. Even if the smoke is harmless and does not touch (the world is harmless and does not know the crowd, without any contamination, there will be no sense of loss, why should hard wrapped around the smoke? This point will not go into details. 3, smoking is a kind of disease, but also is a kind of psychological, mental disease, smoking is a delusion and abnormal mentality mischief, smoking mainly cure disease, you can completely ignore the physiological response
Q:The fish tank filters won't absorb water
Look at the line connection and no problem, if there is no problem, that is, the motor has a problem, the pump is built in motor, broken, you can only change
Q:Can the dirty water be filtered out to drink?
The direct drink of water, usually called "direct drinking water", is the direct effect of drinking, and the body has no abnormal reaction;
Q:Do you eat purified water for a long time?
Not too good, the home in the greenhouse plants, it could not resist the sun, you see no news, Beijing is to throw the little boy N7H9 positive, but he is just a carrier, there is no harm to himself

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