150mm2 Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE Power Cable with Concentric Conductor

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150mm2 Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE Power Cable with Concentric Conductor



The power cable is mainly complying with IEC 60502 standard, also can be produced according to OEM requirements and other standards, such as MA, ROHS, CRCC standards, and so on.


1,Power Cable with Concentric Conductor 
2,23 years of producing 
3,braided copper core pvc Power cable Factory 

 Copper conductor or aluminum conductor XLPE Power Cable with Concentric Conductor :



1. Cable main conductor has low and even proper(inverse order) and zero order impedance, which benefits quality improvement for power supply;

2. Concentric conductor has the lower zero preface resistance. The benefits the sensitive action of automatic protection devices in short circuit and ensures safe operation of cable and concerned devices;

3. Concentric conductor has strong resistant characters against electromagnetic interference and thunder strike. 

Construction Diagram of power cable with concentric conductor

1.Conductor 2. Insulation 3. Filler 4. Cable-core pack a layer 5. Covering 6. Concentric Conductor 7. Sheathcore pack a layer

Type and description of power cable with concentric conductor






Nominal area mm2





Cu/AI conductor PVC insulated, concentric conductor, and PVC sheathed power cable





Cu/AI conductor XLPE insulated, concentric conductor, and PVC sheathed power cable



Cu/AI conductor PVC insulated, concentric conductor, steel tape armored, and PVC sheathed power cable





Cu/AI conductor XLPE insulated, concentric conductor, steel tape armored, and PVC sheathed power cable




150mm2 Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE Power Cable with Concentric Conductor

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Q:Laptop power cable won't stay connected?
the power plug is damaged and will have to be replaced the cost about 90 to 125 dollars. look at it and make sure if it is the plug or the socket
Q:Where's does the power cable connect to on my SATA hard drive?
part of that connector is power, the other is data. look closely.
Q:Home improvement, the wire specifications generally how to choose? Lighting, sockets, air conditioning with a few square lines? Ground specifications can be lighter than the line of fire, zero line?
Sailing cold drill. The The Cool cold supreme. The The Pioneer (burner). The The
Q:Why does my laptop sleep/power off when I plug in the power cable?
Go into the Power Settings in the control panel. Check the settings there, specifically the advanced options when power is connected.
Q:Does a SATA to eSATA cable supply power to the hard drive?
I use an external sata for backup with a usb cable converter the power comes from the usb cable, esata I suspect would be similar unless you are hooking it up with arj45 or something?
Q:AC Power Cord Cable For VIZIO VP422 HDTV10A?
120v is the time-honored (enter), what's the secondary (output)? 12v? voltage drop will become a huge element once you're coping with 12 volts. you choose a required quantity of volts and amps to run that digicam. by way of fact it is already low voltage, the greater you stretch it, the greater resistance you create. if resistance is going up, present day is going down. if present day pass down, volts pass down. quite a few the right thank you to offset it is to: Use a greater gauge cord. Use a greater voltage output utilising a greater cord will artwork in case you may calculate resistance of a cord over a special distance. you choose the mandatory output voltage on the tip of the cord. To do it suitable, we choose your enter and output voltage's, and amps on the burden (digicam), and relatively distance. A voltage drop calculation will make certain the size of cable required to 'do it suitable'. utilising a greater voltage output will artwork on a smaller cord, yet a resistor will must be put in on the digicam. you will additionally ought to alter your wall wart. Or deploy an outlet interior of 6ft of your digicam.
Q:is 450W enough for a single SAPPHIRE ATI HD2900PRO that only uses one power cable ?(most 2900's use two)?
If okorder.com/ if you havent i would recommend a HD3850 or 3870 as they have similar peformace with about half the power draw
Q:Wiring a power cable?
You should Always se a fuse just for safety just not to damage what you are wiring that's all
Q:PC works after unplugging and plugging motherboard power cables. Why?
Its a trick that always seems to work this is because when you disconnect the motherboard it shuts down and it cant process any data, therefore when you plug it back in and it starts working again it starts from scratch and all the data before was forgotten. As this is very helpful to people what they don't realize is that every time you do this you are not letting your motherboard finish processing the information which can lead to long term damage.
Q:When adding second internal drive to Dell OPTIPLEX 780 do I have to get another power cable and data cable?
you have such a small case, i doublt that there will be room inside the case for another internal drive. if there is room, the PSU should have an extra Sata power connector and you will need to get a Sata cable if you buy an OEM drive, if it's a 'retail' version of the drive then you should get a Molex to Sata power cable and a Sata data cable. you probably wont have space inside the case for another drive, go with a USB 2.0 external desktop drive.

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