15'' Plastic Powered Speakers Cabinet With Bluetooth Pq-15Ha

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 Products:  15'' Plastic Powered Speakers Cabinet with Bluetooth PQ-15HA 


Cabinet15" full range
Component High1.75" Driver
Component Mid(low)15" woofer
Nom impedance4ohm
RMS power500W
MAX Power1000W
Fequency Response(-10dB)45-20kHz
SPL 1W/1m100dB
SPL Max126dB
DATA Amplifier500W
 Mp3 & LCD & EQ
 USB*SD card
 Iphone connect

Woofer + Driver of PQ-15HA  


Diagram of 15'' Plastic Powered Speakers Cabinet with Bluetooth PQ-15HA 


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Q:speaker cable question?
I've used the Monster spool from Best Buy, lamp cord from Lowe's and 14AWG speaker cable from Monoprice. They've all worked just fine, though I highly recommend obtaining some banana plugs. They're so much easier to use than bare wire.
Q:speaker compatability?
any stereo speakers will work! 5.1 or 7.1 will not! because they require a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound card!
Q:Computer speakers and headphones also have sound !!
2. Click the folder in the upper right corner - bring up the "Disable front panel jack detection" above.
Q:Componet speakers and 2 way speakers?
A very popular setup is Component Front and Coax Rear. Reason is Cost Efficiency. In a car, 70% of the sound quality comes from the front speakers, 30% from the rear. So 70% of your budget should be spent there. If you have $300 and you purchased $150 speaker on the front and $150 for the back. And your getting 70% of the sound from the front, you have lost sound quality potential. But if you get a $220 Speaker for the front, something real nice, and some ok speakers in the rear. Thats a better use of you money. If I had a car with a $200 speaker in the rear, another car with $150 speaker rear, and a third car with a $75 speaker in the rear, all 3 cars would sound similar (as far as the rear goes) So spend as much money in the front speakers as you dare. Like $200 Pioneer 720 C series, or Boston Accoustics S60 $220, or a Boston Accoustics SL60 (really nice set). Your polk audio is ok, but most installers laugh to themselves a little when they see polks. They aren't bad, but there are a lot of better choices, like at least Infiniti's The best component I have heard in the 200 $ range is the Pioneer 720 C series. It has a lot of surface area on the mid and a fantastic silk dome tweeter. At our shop, our best selling tweeter is a 500$ 720D series component. That thing rocks but the C series is 80% of the sound at the $200 price range.
Q:What do I need to do to get install new speakers?
Find the dimensions in your speakers. Then you can buy anything that size as long as you buy the right wattage. Then change your radio deck too a high quality one. You will need and adaptor for the radio most likely and a converter.
Q:how many esperanto speakers in china?
You have to ask your questions in english here. If you mean how many esperanto speakers are there in China?, well, it's hard to tell, as there is no census or anything like that. If there really are 2 million in the world, there should be 400.000 in China. I remember a decade or two ago, chinese media told of courses with hundreds or thousands of participants. I don't know how far those people got, or how much of it was just chinese government propaganda. China Radio International still broadcasts in Esperanto, four times a day, the same hour (not with model pronunciation though). To be able to answer your question I emailed the chinese esperanto league, so don't delete this question yet (extend it if you have to)
Q:wire 2 different ohmed speakers together?/ ---3ohm+4or6ohm?
Hi. Not normally recommended. But speakers connected in series will increase resistance and speakers in parallel will decrease resistance. ie Two 3 ohm in series will give 6 ohms resistance. ie Two 3 ohm in parallel will give 1.5 ohms resistance.
Q:Can i connect any speakers to a home theater?
The speakers need to have the proper power rating and impedance. Also, for proper sound in your home theater, the speakers should be acoustically matched, especially the 3 front speakers.
Q:2 channel amp, 4 speakers?
m.seimg.net/product/img/subwoofer You don't have to do the parallel wiring from speaker to speaker. You can just run two sets of speaker wires from the amp terminals - one for each speaker -- it will still be wired parallel.
Q:whats the best brand for after market speakers?
This is going to get many answers because i think it's a matter of opinion. Me personally, JL Audio is the best out there for sound quality. It depends on what kind of sound you are looking for and what is in your budget. You may be content with a $50.00-$100.00 set of Pioneer or Sony speakers or you may prefer $500.00+ sound more. Best thing to do is take some trips to shops that sell different brands, ask there opinions, listen to the different brands and repeat until you form your own opinion and find what kind of sound you are looking for.

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