13" Lithium Battery Smart Robot Lawn Mover with cordless

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Robot lawn wover :

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Robotic Mowers


Steel Chasis



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Cutting Width: 






with shelter for charge,three blades to cut grass , and 24 Voltage Ni-Mh battery rechargeable .With CE and ROHS certification

we especially produce robot mower  located in Hangzhou ,Zhejiang Provic ,China .We cooperate with Zhejiang University that is the top 3 university in China  . The technology power is strong .We supply the high quality  product with lower price .wish sincerely cooperate with you . 

the character of the mower

1.  Intelligent Running

2.  Prevention of Collisions

3.  Blades  security contro

4.  Intelligent Test lawn

5.  Electronic fence(Setting up the work region)

6.  Intelligent Safety Testing

7.  Back charging automatically

8.  Taking rainshelter automatically

9.  Remote control function


 Mower Robot s Function parameters


Coverage (for once charging)800m2±20%1200m2±20%
Working capacity2000m2±20%2600m2±22%
Virtual wire maximum length300m300m
Standard virtual wire length100m100m
Mower size70*48*27cm(LWH)70*48*27cm(LWH)
Charging station size45*38.5*23.5cm(LWH)45*38.5*23.5cm(LWH)
Qty for cutting blades1pc1pc
Cutting height3-6cm3-6cm
Cutting width25.4cm25.4cm
Cutting speed20m/min20m/min
Blades rotate speed4000rpm4000rpm
Hill capability30 degree Max slope30 degree Max slope
Max ambient functioning temp.40°C40°C
Average working time3hours4.5hours
Wireless remote control6m6m
Type of batteryLead-acid batteryLithium battery/sumsung
Gross weight25KGS22KGS
Net weight22KGS19KGS
Charging time3hours5-6hours
Rain sensorYesYes
Auto rechargeYesYes
Intelligent spiralYesYes
Go straightYesYes
Anti theftYesYes
Lift sensorYesYes
Tilted sensorYesYes
Ultrasonic waveYesYes
Bumper sensorYesYes
LED displayYesYes
Human sensorYesYes
Time set-up systemYesYes
Emergency switchYesYes
Set up passwordYesYes
Around virtual wire walking selectionYesYes
Mower can't been start when charging station power lessYesYes
Mower can't been start when virtual wire has been cutYesYes
Auto turn off if mower went out signed areaYesYes
Intelligent test lawnYesYes



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Q:Which factory produces the domestic mower quality is better
Shandong Yucheng Yatai Machinery, the company produced 9GB --- 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.1 semi-suspended reciprocating mower supporting 12 --- 30 horsepower four wheel tractor use, the machine using the bias crank Rod mechanism, drive cutting knife for mowing operations
Q:Mower does not ring how to do the heat
The carburetor of the machine is the result of heat distortion, to solve this problem
Q:Honda King 139 mower quality how
Course, I think it also has its shortcomings, such as its power consumption is very large, therefore, to always charge, but if you buy a good point of the charge treasure, the problem should be easier to solve the problem.
Q:Why the lawn mower can not hit the fire
First remove the spark plug down the machine head in the machine to start to see if there is no spark, and look at the hole from the installation of spark plugs are not mist, there are several cases:
Q:Why the lawn mower and the exhaust pipe are oiled
Oil plus too much, too much oil, then the crankshaft ventilation box air circulation is not good, forced oil to the exhaust pipe discharge.
Q:The mower used an hour or so to turn off the flame automatically
In the run-time turn off, do not panic, stabilize the direction, depending on the situation with a little brake, you can step on the clutch, according to the speed of the gears hanging into the corresponding gear
Q:What motor is the mower motor
This machine uses a single engine, use the handle to start the engine. This is the air filter, the outside air through the air filter into the combustion chamber. This is the oil filler, above the oil oil scale, you can display the oil level, oil from here to join, oil is used to lubricate the engine.
Q:Backpack-style lawn mower, one day to help a few acres of fields
Can be completed step by step harvest, stubble crushing, threshing, completely liberated the labor force, and an acre of land only half an hour or so, is the artificial speed of ten times, high efficiency. In addition, the charges are only tens of dollars, the cost is also much lower than the artificial harvest or lawn mower harvest.
Q:Lawnmower carburetor oil spill how the matter
Crankshaft rear end of the oil seal rupture damage, or after the main bearing cover oil return hole is too small, back to oil blocked, will cause the crankshaft rear oil spill. Also note that the camshaft rear oil seal is leaking
Q:What are the classification of mowers?
2, according to the power drive mode can be divided into human and animal power drive, engine drive, electric drive, solar drive .3, according to mowing way can be divided into hobbing, rotary knife, side hanging, rejection knife.

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