12mmE2 Grade Density Board Floor Material

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

The density board is also called the fiber board, which is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, urea formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive. According to the different density, it is divided into high density board, medium density board and low density board.

MDF as soft impact resistance, easy processing, abroad is a good material for making furniture

2.Product Characteristic

1, MDF is very easy to finish processing. All kinds of paint, paint can be evenly coated on the density board, is the first choice for the effect of paint.

2, density board is a beautiful decorative plate.

3, all kinds of veneer, tape film, decorative panels, light metal sheet, melamine board materials can be glued to the surface of the density board.

4, the hard density board through the punching, drilling, but also can be made into a sound absorption plate, used in the construction of the decoration works.

5, the physical performance is excellent, the material is uniform, there is no dehydration.


Class: I

Moisture content: less than 12%

Apparent density: 830

Bending strength: more than 17.2MPa

Special features: not easy to split

Specifications: 12mm*1260mm*2470mm

Purpose: floor base material

Product Code: dndfyd12SE2-830

Product specifications: 12*1260*2470mm

Production line: imported 4 feet continuous flat pressure

Mill: Andrea F

Material: poplar wood

Color: light color wood color

Environmental protection grade / glue: E2

Density: 830 fand kg/m

4.Reference Picture

12mmE2 Grade Density Board Floor Material

12mmE2 Grade Density Board Floor Material

12mmE2 Grade Density Board Floor Material

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Q:What is the classification of wood products?
Wood products are made of wood raw materials, processed, the formation of the product. Wood products are divided into the following categories: furniture, wood products, office wood products, wood products, gardening wood products, wood products, and now high-tech wood products. Wood carving is only a branch of woodwork.
Q:What are the wood products?
Products that do not have an impact on the environment do not exist. Production of any product will consume energy, and materials and so on.
Q:What are the requirements for wood exports to Europe and the United States?
In recent years, the global timber supply has continued to tighten in the context of countries' tightening of timber export policies. However, the last two years, China's timber imports have been rising sharply, has been caught in the plight of raw materials scarce. At the same time, the introduction of new laws and regulations in Europe and America, but also to many Chinese wood products export enterprises feel pressure. It is expected that the second half of this year, China's timber industry is facing "suffering" will be increasing. This year, the relevant enterprises are really apprehension! Recently, the new regulations introduced in Europe and America to many Chinese wood products export business is quite a headache. Industry experts, the first July 1 this year, the implementation of the United States, "composite wood products formaldehyde standard bill", so that many low-cost market in China's small and medium-sized furniture enterprises feel unprepared, after the introduction of the EU "country of origin label Law "increased the difficulty of furniture exports to the EU. For a time, China's wood products export enterprises in a dilemma.
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Whether the wood products are environmentally friendly depends on the production process, whether it contains toxic and hazardous substances, whether the transition process waste a lot of resources. Products that do not have an impact on the environment do not exist. Production of any product will consume energy, and materials and so on. Only relatively environmentally friendly products exist, that is, the application of time or the number of applications and the ratio of the greater the better. But also take into account the product after the retirement of the environment to bring the burden of the smaller the better.
Q:What are the characteristics of wet and dry shrinkage of wood?
and with the temperature of the wood will be serious Bending deformation, while the wood will be moldy, the color looks different; another talk about the strength of dry wood and wet wood at the same time playing a nail into the use of the intensity is different,
Q:How to protect the outdoor wood products? What kind of paint can be anti-corrosion? How to build?
4. Before use, stir evenly, no need to dilute; if the product viscosity is high, but also into a small amount of special thinner, adding the amount should not exceed 10%. 5. Brush need to use soft brown hair brush, along the direction of wood texture evenly, thin brush again, after brushing to remove excess wood wax, brushing the amount must be less, can not be painted too thick; to be hard after the surface, Paint gently polished, wipe, 12 hours can be painted the second time.
Q:Wood products have cracks, how to cover transparent wood wax
If the wood products have cracks, then only on the transparent wood wax oil can not cover, you must first after the appropriate patch and then on the wood wax oil, you can achieve good results.
Q:What are the inspection standards for wood products?
Wood-based panels, as interior decoration materials, is made of different scales and different forms of wood (or other plant fiber raw materials) by the combination of sheet metal, square material or other special-shaped materials. It can be divided into plywood, particleboard and fiberboard three categories of products. Some of the glue used in the production process will release formaldehyde gas. Therefore, the wood-based panels as interior decoration materials, and some will lead to the release of formaldehyde to pollute the air, affecting people's physical and mental health of serious problems.
Q:What woodworking woodworking lathes can be processed?
CNC lathe is only an additional part of the automation, improve the manufacturing accuracy, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency.
Q:Water content - Drying method for laboratory measurement
Generally should be at the distance from the edge of the saw blade 250 ~ 300mm interception

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