12mmE2 Grade Density Board Floor Material

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1.Product Description

The density board is also called the fiber board, which is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, urea formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive. According to the different density, it is divided into high density board, medium density board and low density board.

MDF as soft impact resistance, easy processing, abroad is a good material for making furniture

2.Product Characteristic

1, MDF is very easy to finish processing. All kinds of paint, paint can be evenly coated on the density board, is the first choice for the effect of paint.

2, density board is a beautiful decorative plate.

3, all kinds of veneer, tape film, decorative panels, light metal sheet, melamine board materials can be glued to the surface of the density board.

4, the hard density board through the punching, drilling, but also can be made into a sound absorption plate, used in the construction of the decoration works.

5, the physical performance is excellent, the material is uniform, there is no dehydration.


Class: I

Moisture content: less than 12%

Apparent density: 830

Bending strength: more than 17.2MPa

Special features: not easy to split

Specifications: 12mm*1260mm*2470mm

Purpose: floor base material

Product Code: dndfyd12SE2-830

Product specifications: 12*1260*2470mm

Production line: imported 4 feet continuous flat pressure

Mill: Andrea F

Material: poplar wood

Color: light color wood color

Environmental protection grade / glue: E2

Density: 830 fand kg/m

4.Reference Picture

12mmE2 Grade Density Board Floor Material

12mmE2 Grade Density Board Floor Material

12mmE2 Grade Density Board Floor Material

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Q:How is the commonly used wood products?
1, every day with a dry soft cotton gently wipe, for some time with a wring dry cloth to clean, and finally can also be coated with a thin layer of light wax. 2, to avoid direct sunlight, this maintenance method is not applicable to wood products, it applies to all furniture. Because the sunshine is easy for a long time to make the furniture moisture is dry and cracked, placed in the installation or furniture, remember to pay attention to this detail.
Q:Wood products processing to apply it ?, I am a rural carpenter master, others to sell wood to me, I processed into wood products need to apply for what documents?
Open the door to do business,     At least need to do business license and tax registration certificate.
Q:To which country the wood products must be fumigated
Export all! Maybe some countries do not need, but our customs have to! But also depends on what things, such as wood crafts and the like should not have friends, like wooden care, wooden boxes and other wooden packaging must be!
Q:Those stocks are the main wood products
Zhongfu Industrial: Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. is a listed company engaged in the general contract (Yiji), two real estate management and industrial production materials business. The company's major shareholder Yamada company through the private placement of new shares to buy Fujian Jianou Fu Ren Forestry Co., Ltd. 66.239% stake and put the original assets, the company's main business which transformed into afforestation, forest products processing and sales. Fu Ren forestry company was established in December 2002, is the leading enterprises of the forest shareholding system, the main products are fir, pine, Zamu and other logs, medium density fiberboard, slide board, coating products.
Q:Laser marking machine engraved wood products will be black
I do not know what type of situation you are using. In this case, by reducing the current, will improve the black situation, and then yellow.
Q:Taobao sell wood products with what packaging is better, what courier is better
as to which courier, this It is hard to say that the general small pieces are the most fragile, because the parcels in the sorting time are flying, thrown to throw. Relatively speaking, one can pass, of course, Shun Feng, is Shunfeng prices too expensive.
Q:How should the wood product be cleaned?
So that wooden furniture timeless How to extend the life of furniture use, so that furniture in the passage of time, still keep the appearance of bright it? This requires some tips for maintenance and repair of wooden furniture. Because the wood furniture material is natural wood, it also has the characteristics of plants, so the wooden furniture can not be placed near heating, can not be placed in a very wet place; if your furniture to move, be sure to put So that in the furniture of the four corners, with a special pad pad pad, so you can keep the furniture structure stable; wooden wardrobe or the table do not place too many items to reduce the furniture of the bearing weight. Maintenance of wooden furniture, but also ground wipe, but the cloth can not use hot water, alkaline water or disinfectant rinse, it will damage the furniture surface paint. It is best to use duster to the surface of the floating soil, or wipe with a damp cloth. Wooden furniture should be regularly waxed light, which can enhance the performance of furniture, moisture-resistant moisture.
Q:What kind of wood is the fir tree?
The finished products are often known for their bold and bold style and require the artist to have a very high artistic accomplishment. Jin Si Nan ebony, due to natural variation, buried in the river bed and other low-lying sludge, after thousands of years of materialized; its not fade, not rotten, not insects, hard material, is the production of works of art, antique furniture ideal Of the material, in the art of ebony as a heirloom, evil spirits. Ebony handicrafts to Zen Shen Yuan works for the first push, the carving, the integration of round carving, carving, carving, carving, relief, carving and other carving techniques of the essence, everywhere meticulous, knife was meritorious, master craftsman , Will be silent flowing traditional culture into them, into a piece of magnificent works of art, from the shape, structure to each fit, each decoration, are abide by the ancient law, reached the United States and the United States Huan of the height, the concept of such as seamless, strokes like jade seamless. Its pure hand carving is not only the master of Zen Shen Yuan show, but also the creators will character, character and even ideas into the crafts, given its life process, but also its rise to the art of the best of the soul; Zen Shen Yuan handicrafts, fine Elegant selection of ebony, ancient art, fine carving, floating fragrance, both Kuang Shuo the culmination of this skill, but also the aesthetic elements of the cohesion of God.
Q:How can the wood products of white paint long time does not change color?
Polyester paint is toxic, not environmentally friendly, and will change, not up to the EU environmental standards, the EU countries in 2007 in the form of legal law to ban its use in the interior, it can be said to have been to the end.
Q:Wood furniture products which processes need constant temperature and humidity?
4, wood carbonization room or called wood carbonization Shu: for the processing and production of carbonized wood; 5, constant temperature and humidity warehouse or constant temperature and humidity library: for the finished wood products storage. The above five processes are required constant temperature and humidity environment, is a constant temperature and humidity system engineering in the wood products furniture industry applications.

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