12 Volt Battery

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Product Description:

  • Usage: UPS

  • Voltage: 12v

  • Sealed Type: Sealed

  • Maintenance Type: Free

  • Size: 329*172*214mm

  • Weight: 33 kg

  • Nominal Capacity: 100AH


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

wooden package

Delivery Detail:

30 days



Low self-discharge

Long discharge life

Safty valve regulated system

Deep discharge recovery

Wide operating temperature range



  1. Sealed construction and complete maintenance free, and no need to replenish water. No leakage and battery explosion under normal working condition.

  2. Total environment-friendly. More than twenty years marketing history.

  3. High capacity. Up to 110% of the rated capacity.

  4. Long service life: 6G series up to 5-8 years, GFM series up to 15 years.

  5. Outstanding leak tightness, up to 99.99%

  6. Operating temperature range: -40~+65C

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Q:What is the difference between EPS and UPS?
UPS is the abbreviation of UninterruptiblePowerSupply, that is, we often say UPS uninterruptible power supply. Common UPS on the market are mainly on-line (OnLine) and back-off (OffLine) two. EPS emergency power supply system is the abbreviation of Emergency Power Supply, is to meet the special requirements of the fire industry emergency power supply. First, the backup UPS in the normal electricity directly from the mains power supply to the load, when the electricity beyond its scope of work or power outages, through the switch to battery inverter power supply. Its characteristics are: simple structure, small size, low cost, but the input voltage range is narrow, the output voltage stability accuracy is poor, there is switching time, and the output waveform is generally square wave Second, the online interactive UPS in the normal electricity directly from the mains power supply to the load, when the electricity is low or high, through the UPS internal regulator line regulator output, when the electricity is abnormal or power failure, through the conversion Switch to battery inverter power supply. Its characteristics are: a wide input voltage range, low noise, small size and other characteristics, but there are also switching time.
Q:Uninterruptible power supply is the three major brands
Schneider's APC's UPS Eaton Group's Hills Emerson Among them, the price of the most cheap mountain, but the market is very much counterfeit goods, buy to keep your eyes
Q:Ups uninterruptible power supply back - up and on - line difference is what does anyone know?
Online UPS This UPS has been in the inverter in its working state, it first through the circuit to convert the external AC into direct current, and then through the high-quality inverter to convert DC to high-quality sine wave AC output to the computer. On-line UPS in the power supply under the main function is to regulate and prevent radio interference; in the event of power failure when the use of standby DC power (battery) to the inverter power supply. As the inverter has been working, there is no switching time problem, suitable for the power supply has strict requirements of the occasion. On-line UPS is different from the backup of a major advantage is the power supply is long, usually for a few hours, there are up to a dozen hours, and its main function is to allow you to power outages can work as usual, obviously , Because of its special features, the price is also significantly more expensive. This on-line UPS is more suitable for computers, transportation, banking, securities, communications, medical, industrial control and other industries, because these areas of the computer is generally not allowed to power outages.
Q:Uninterruptible power supply output of the neutral line (N pole),
The neutral line (N pole) of the uninterruptible power supply output terminal is connected to the N pole of the main power supply. The N pole of the main power supply is grounded on the power supply side, so that the neutral line of the uninterruptible power supply output ) Is connected to the earthing line directly connected to the grounding device.
Q:Uninterruptible power supply can be used as lighting power
UPS, uninterruptible power supply, the output is 220V AC, any load can be used. Lighting, if it is 220V communication, of course, can also be used. The question is: what kind of lighting, need to use uninterruptible power supply? That is, this lighting, usually open, when the electricity disappeared, with UPS output insisted, there is no interruption. Human eyes for the visible light is the reaction of the cerebral cortex of optical waves interrupted for a few weeks, the human brain, retina .. debugging is not in place, so, completely without interrupting light, for humans is not necessary.
Q:UPS power supply can not be charged? How to solve
Let him rest and rest your battery waste can change the battery
Q:How long can the power supply be used?
I suggest you buy energy storage cabinet! The use of solar energy and electricity storage, Storage battery capacity 2400WH Output power 2000W Inverter output voltage 220V 2400WH large capacity battery for refrigerators, notebooks and LCD televisions and other conventional household appliances work up to ten hours Steel shell, shock, dust, water, good pressure Product Size (mm) L600 × W600 × T800
Q:Is the UPS power supply regulated?
Now the general UPS has a regulator Sand's TG series did not, there are other cheap machines without General price has, 175V to 275V Better is 145V to 300V
Q:What is the power backup time?
The greater the power you bring, the shorter the actual power supply.
Q:Is there an off-line UPS?
Uninterruptible power supply: UPS [UninterruptiblePowerSystem (orSupply)]: is the battery pack, inverter and other circuits, can be in the power grid to provide AC power when the power supply equipment. UPS has the following basic functions: 1. When the grid voltage is normal, the mains voltage is regulated by the UPS after the power supply. The UPS itself is a good AC voltage regulator. At the same time, it also charges the battery and stores the reserve energy.
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