11r 22.5 truck tires, EMPIRE TIRE,Chao Yang TIRES

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 11r 22.5 truck tires, EMPIRE Tyres,Chao Yang TIRES



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1. Pattern Character :


* Tire usage condition: The highway type pattern applies to good roads, including highways and roads.

* Tread properties: Optimization of the design of the tread rubber formulation, four wide longitudinal tread grooves

*Vehicle usage characteristics: Applies to passenger all-wheel-bit truck-oriented, tugboat wheel bit.

* Product structure: Structure of four belt layers





Number of pliesLoad indexMaximum load

Corresponding air pressure
Wheel rim
Allow using wheel rimNew tire design size(mm)
Section widthOuter diameter
Single tireDouble-tireSingle tireDouble-tireRoad typeTraction type


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Q:How to check the production date Bridgestone tire
All tyres produced before 2000 and their tire identification number (TIN) are three digit numbers rather than four digit numbers
Q:Do you need to change the gas nozzle at the same time? How about the replacement of the old tyres?
Types of valve nozzles:1, according to the use of points: bicycle valve, motorcycle, electric car, valve, car valve, truck, bus valve, agricultural engineering vehicles, valve, special valve.2, according to whether there are tubeless: inner tube, valve tube, valve and tubeless valve tubeless valve.3, according to assembly points: screw mounted valve screw-on, universal, valve
Q:How do I see if the tires are single oriented?
Let's talk about the tread pattern first:Tread patterns are not only a determining factor in the appearance of a tire, but also in relation to its performance in traction, braking, cornering, drainage and noise.It is mainly made up of pattern groove, pattern block and pitch. With the development of tire for more than one hundred years, it is now difficult to count the shape of the figure,
Q:What's the mix in the bus tires?
Ordinary compressed air. But there are many high altitude buses that are full of nitrogen. The reasons are as follows.Car tires with nitrogen can prevent puncture1., to improve the stability and comfort of tire travel. Nitrogen is almost inert diatomic gas, chemical inertness, gas molecules than oxygen molecules, not easy to thermal expansion and contraction, deformation of small amplitude, the penetration of tire wall speed more slowly than air is about 30~40%, can maintain stable tire pressure, improve the stability of running, ensure the driving comfort; nitrogen the audio is equivalent to the ordinary air conductivity is low, the 1/5, the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce tire noise, improve the degree of quiet running.
Q:How many types of automobile tires?
Light truck tyres - usually tyres with a diameter of 16 inches and a width of 9 inches and greater than the width of the rim. This kind of tire mainly runs on the highway, and the speed can reach 80 to 100km/h.Heavy duty and bus tyres, usually 18~24 inch rims, 7 inch wide, and more than trucks, dump trucks, tyres and other special and trailers. Its road surface is more complex, there are good asphalt road, there are poor gravel road, dirt road, muddy road, ice and snow road, and even no road conditions, etc., the speed generally does not exceed 80km/h.
Q:Can a car tire crack like this?
It's better to change into spare tyres. If it is a heavy-duty vehicle, it is recommended to change it as soon as possible, but depending on the depth of the cracks in your tires and whether you run long distances. Tire ZhengXin suggestions
Q:Can a car tire crack like this
Hello, I have been a tire apprentice, basically understand some, my load three rounds are to my master there personally change.
Q:Does truck tire have inner tube?
There is a inner liner! TUBELESS said this tire design uses a tubeless vacuum tire, also known as ""
Q:What's the pattern of the car tyres? Its principle is briefly described
The tread patterns are not only for decorative purposes, but also for the performance of tyres, such as traction, braking, turning, drainage, mute, and so on. The most important three functions of tread pattern are: 1. Lifting the grip; 2, reducing noise; 3, increasing drainage. However, these three are in themselves contain each other, and even conflict. Therefore, tire manufacturers in tread pattern design, it is necessary to each tire according to different product positioning, research and design of different pattern design.
Q:Why do you sometimes see car wheels reverse?
Is to see an object, the image of an object will do a short stay in the retina, the residence time is about 0.08 S. and a eight car spokes start from rest, if at 0.08 S when asked in the rotation angles of car is just 45. Then we just see the wheel "do not move", if in 0.08 S time, the vehicle rotation angle is 0 < 0 < 22.5.

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