10kva-2500kva Slient Generator, Portable Generator Diesel, Industrial Generator Electric

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Product Description:


1.Cummins diesel generator
2.Cummins OEM
3.CE & ISO9001:2008
4.12 months warranty
5.Reliable quality & comepetitive price


Generator Supply Scope:

1.Standrad tool kits and complete operation/maintenance/spare parts manuals to Engine/Alternator

2.brand-new engine

3.brand new brushless alternator, single bearing, flange connection, IP23, H insulation class, with AVR.

4.auto control panel, with LCD display.

5.Engine mounted battery-charging alternator, Genset with battery charger of mains supply.

5.Circuit Breaker,Exhaust Silencer

6.Radiator for 50°C ambient temperature and bouble-deck cooling,with fan guard and front guard

7.Anti-vibration pads are fixed between engine/alternator and base frame,as to ensure the compete genset running under stablilization.
8.Skid-mounted bottom Fuel tank - 8hrs continous running(bigger fuel tank by your demand under extra cost)

9.External recessed emergency stop button for extra safety

10.Optional Choice:Soundproof, ATS (automatic transfer switch), AMF panel, Trailer, Parallel system by your extra choose.
Technical parameters of diesel generator sets:

Technical data
Genset ModelRK550GF
 Prime Power 500KW
Rated Voltage400/230V(Adjustable)
Frequency50Hz or 60HZ(Adjustable)
Power Factor0.8(lagging)
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)3650*1450*1952
Genset weight (kg)4700
Diesel Engine
Number of Phase3
Connecting Type3 Phase and 4 Wires
Number of Bearing1
Protection GradeIP23
Exciter TypeBrushless ,Self-exciting, AVR automatic voltage regulating
Insulation ClassH
Telephone Influence Factor (TIF)≤50
Voltage Regulation, Steady State≤±1%
Transient State Voltage≤-15%~+20%
The components of the genset
(1) Cummins Diesel Engine;          (2)Engga Alternator;         (3) Control Panel
Control Panel 
The control panel is COMAP control panel, with the display of voltage,current, frequency, water temperature, oil pressure. The genset with low oil pressure,high water temperature,over speed,over load protection function.

10kva-2500kva Slient Generator, Portable Generator Diesel, Industrial Generator Electric

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Q:Diesel and electricity generation?
the amount of fuel used matches the power of the load, el the tax power and size the power generation
Q:How to convert old car into backup generator?
Almost anything is possible if you spend enough time and effort on it. The real question is: Is it worth it? What you have is a crappy motor in a junk car. Take it out of the car remove the transmission. Attach the engine to a motor mount like an I beam box frame that you have fabricated. Attach a generator unit to the end of it. Then you need to fabricate a speed governor of some type to keep the engine running at 1800 rpm to generate 60cycle power. Lets not forget your crappy high mileage engine. It might work for a while but after all of this effort you will probably wish that you rebuilt it. OR You can just buy an 8KW generator for $2000 JUNK THE CAR.
Q:Can you use red diesel in a generator?
Red diesel is agricultural, no tax or tax reduced. The Red is only a dye to distinguish it from tax paid diesel. However using it illegally can result in very hefty fines if caught. Used and cleaned vegetable oil can be mixed with diesel, actual proportions I'm not sure of, but I think 3:1 oil to diesel. There are probably sites that explain in more detail. However why it has to be used veg. oil I don't know.
Q:About using motors generators to generate electricity?
Definitely, Not. In simple terms, the small motor would not turn the large power generator.
Q:how to compare efficiencies for a diesel and a diesel-electric engine?
Very similar to comparing Apples to Oranges. Diesel Engine provides mechanical output. When connected to a Generator it becomes Diesel Electric with Electric out put. In terms of efficiency you rate the Diesel, the coupling and the Generator power factor to rate efficiency.
Q:what is the difference between the Diesel and PJ-8 fuel?
J P-8 is a better hotter burning deisel fuel they use it in the military on diesel motors as well as generators
Q:What type of generator do I need to power a 180amp mig welder.?
It will probably take something like 6.6 KVA's to run it. Similar one's take a 220 VAC, 30 amp circuit. The Model 180 MIG welds up to 1/4 steel. 6 heat settings and infinitely adjustable wire speed control welds a wider range. Max. output 160 amps with 30% duty cycle. Requires 220 Volts 60 cycle 30-amp circuit.
Q:Any experienced Electrical Engineers out there?
Is it too late to switch to a 240 volt single phase generator of the same capacity? This would have a 60 amp capability and would handle the surges with no trouble. I don't see how a capacitor will help. If you are stuck with the 3 phase generator, perhaps you can switch the ACs for ones with 3 phase motors. That will spread the surge over the 3 phases. There are also soft-start ACs .
Q:Why not go with clean diesel fuel? It is the most viable available solution right now.?
First off, let me applaud you on your view of Al Gore too.glad to see I am not the only one who believes he is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Secondly your MPG is not quite accurate. The reason why the mpg rating by the EPA is overinflated is that the test they previously were using was out dated. The test was putting a car in a controlled environment at a constant 55 mph.does that accurately portray actual driving conditions? I dont think soso yes it was outdated and has been modified to give more accurate ratings .and the EPA is not corruptdon't let a few people's misguidings stereotype the agency as a whole (i am an employee and not corrupt). Clean diesel has that stigma and stereotype among americans.regardless if it gives better gas mileagemy theory is that until something EXTREMELY drastic happens, we americans will still be in love with gasoline and will take a nation/worldwide catastrophy before we look beyond gasoline.IMHO
390 tons is equal to 390 x 12000BTU 4,680,000 BTU with this capacity you may consider a generator of 1 mega capacity this includes the factor of safety.

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