10G Modular Jack Connector -> 10GModular Jack Connector RJ45

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 10G Modular Jack Connector -> 10GModular Jack Connector RJ45

10G Modular Jack Connector RJ45:JFM58010-B04G-4F

JFM Series
RJ45 1X1
R/A,T/D,T/H Type
1.02mm [.040¡¨] Pitch,
10/10000 Base-T

Number of Positions :
PCB Mount Style :
Conductor Material :
Contact Materials :
Plating :
Housing Material :
Color :black 
Termination Type :dip 
Contact Type :t/h 
Product Name :modular jack connector rj45 
Available Status :active 
RoHS Status :rohs compliance 
Business Unit :eci 
Lead-Time ( Week ) :10 
MOQ ( pc ) :

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B. To broaden a search by including synonyms or related terms.
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There may be adapters, but a simple splice might be more economical and easier.
Q:What's So Good About The New Lightning Connector?
The only improvement of the new connector is to Apple's earnings circulation by using forcing the acquisition of new accessories by the sheep (you, the uninformed trendsetting patron). Spend, fools, spend! Did you believe they were a charity?
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there are some mobos out there which have one PS/2 connector green and purple, this means they can support both keyboard and mouse! note: old mobos have 2 PS/2 connectors, greenmouse and purplekeyboard!
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Yes, the connector is not compatible as Apple would probably sue Samsung if they made their connector exactly the same!
Q:Wii not responding to Wi-Fi USB Connector?
I suspect another device installed in your house/neighborhood is interfering with the connection. -- Make sure a radio line of sight is available for your device: between your Wii and PC, get as many radio emitting or electronic products OUT OF THE WAY. Unplug them, move them to somewhere else, etc. If there's something new (not referring to your PC but anything electronic) you bought and installed in your house on the day you lost the connection, that device would be suspect. Take it out and see if you get the connection back. -- If that doesn't work, perhaps one of your neighbors installed a Wi-Fi network or device and is using the same channel as you. Most people's networks don't have the same SSID or password, but can still interfere with the correct channel or radio frequency. Try switching channels. Wii's instruction manual suggests channel 1 or 11, but in my old house, I had my Wii running with my Wi-Fi router on Channel 3 since everyone else was using both channels 1 and 11. Check the manual for the USB Wi-Fi Connector and see if you can change to a different channel. TRY ALL OF THEM, but 1, 6 and 11 seem to have the best chance of success, since they use completely different radio frequencies (instead of 2-5 and 7-10 which use sidebands of the same frequency.) -- Get it closer to the Wii. If your Wii is in the living room and the PC in the bedroom, consider moving the Wii to the bedroom too. WiFi involves a lot of trial and error not to mention patience. If you aren't familiar with networking and know of a neighborhood-friendly PC nerd, you'd do best to utilize their expertise at this time.
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1995 4runner
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Honestly, okorder
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There is a connector for USB devices, it is normally 9 pins. for a two port header. Your manual for your motherboard typically tells which is designated for which and each wire should be labeled as well. Normally the cord is already set and you don't have to plug each one individually.

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