100%polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric

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China main port
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1 m²
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1 m²/month

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100% Polypropylene,100%polyproplene

Nonwoven Technics:











Agriculture,Bag,Car,Garment,Home Textile,Hospital,Hygiene,Industry,Interlining,Shoes


CE,FDA,Oeko-Tex Standard 100,SGS



Place of Origin:

Fujian China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:

SS02-000001 nonwoven fabric


printed , prforated , laminated,fire retandant,hydrophilic


spunbond nonwoven

gram offer:

9-250gsm nonwoven fabric

width offer:

1cm -320cm nonwoven fabric

color offer:

all color have offer

fabric name:

polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric


free sample and sample book

nonwoven fabric:

china fabric , china fabric factory

china fabric factory:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:2'' or 3'' paper tube inside , outside with polybag, nonwoven fabric
Delivery Detail:2 weeks after received your deposit


Spunbonded non woven

width offer

1-320cm , agriculture can offer extra width 36m

machine line

1.6m 2.4m 3.2m


as your request


all color have offer

printed logo

as your request


UV, preforation, printed , waterproof , laminated (pp+pe), non-slip(pp+pvc)

hydrophilic , cross design (cambrella fabric)


tube: 2'' or 3''    with polybags.


1000kgs per color




15 days after received your deposit


30% deposit ; against BL copy,pay the balance.


**Characteristic of non woven fabric**


-- Eco-friendly, water repellent 

-- can have anti-UV(1%-5%), anti-bacteria,anti-static,flame retardant function as request

-- tear resistant, shrink-resistant

-- Strong strength and elongation, soft, non-toxic

-- Excellent property of air through



**Usage of non-woven fabric**


(10~40gsm ) for medical and hygiene:such as baby diaper,surgical cap,mask,gown

(15~70gsm) for agricultural covers, wall cover,

(50~100gsm) for home textile,shopping bags, suits pockets,gifts bags, sofa ,spring-pocket,table cloth

(50~120gsm) sofa upholstery, home furnishing, handbag lining,shoe leather lining

(100-200gsm)blind window,car cover

(17-30gsm,3% UV)specially for agricultural covers


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Q:What's the fabric of Eugen yarn?
The difference between glass yarn and glass yarn:Eugen yarn is very hard, usually only used to make ribbons; and glass yarn is made of bright yarn, through the preparation of different processes to make cloth shine, is used to make fabrics and make clothes.
Q:What is the fabric georgette
Chiffon called "Georgette", also known as Georgette georgette crepe, is a silk fabric with strong twist crepe by crepe weft weaving, georgette name from France (Georgette). The warp and weft S and Z twist two different twist to the strong twist yarn, according to 2S, 2Z (two left, two right) alternately, interwoven with plain weave, warp and weft density of fabric is very small. Gray silk fabric is refined, because the thread untwisting shrink wrinkle, wrinkled, loose structure form a uniform Satin georgette. According to the raw materials can be divided into silk georgette, rayon Georgette, polyester Georgette and intertwined Georgette several weft, if only using a twist, weave Georgette called CIS fiber along fiber Georgette presented by bumppleated like irregular wrinkles. Georgette texture Qingbaotouming, feel soft and elastic, light and elegant appearance, has good air permeability and drape, wearing elegant and comfortable. Georgette light, heavy, thick and thin, transparent and silk surface crimp effect, mainly depends on the thickness of the thread and composite, twist and warp and weft density. Georgetteformakingwomendress, senior evening gown kerchiefs palace lantern handicraft and so on.
Q:What cloth is the shirt made of?
High-grade cotton shirts, soaked in water, and then take out, it will flow down, but not as obvious as chemical fiber, so much water to stay down.
Q:How to wash silk fabrics will not fade
Because silk clothing is weak acid, it should be washed with neutral detergent. Detergent to choose regular manufacturers, quality assurance products. Otherwise, bad detergent will damage silk. The use of detergent should be in strict accordance with the instructions, do not arbitrarily add, before using good detergent bottle description.
Q:What is the Tencel fabric sanding
Sanding fabric is a postprocessing method, is to do the sanding process in the surface of the fabric, the fabric will have a layer of fine hair, wearing comfortable, feel very soft. Cotton, cotton and cotton yarn, is to do the processing, the effect of mercerization. The fabric is lustrous, feels good and wears high quality. Cotton with the specifications than ordinary cotton costs about 1 times, which belongs to high-grade fabrics.
Q:What's the popular name for PBT fabrics?
Polybutylene terephthalate, also known as polybutylene terephthalate, four times methyl ester. English name; Polybutyleneterephthalate. Referred to as PBT, PBTP, or PTMT, it is a condensation of benzoic acid with 1,4- butanediol. It can be prepared by transesterification or direct polycondensation, and the development trend in the future is direct esterification. PBT and PET are called thermoplastic polyesters together.
Q:Fabric composition of clothing is made of viscose rayon, is what?
In recent years, and the emergence of a viscose Tencel, bamboo fiber, high-grade new varieties. But regardless of how changes are still in viscose cotton or other natural fiber as raw material to produce cellulosic fiber. You know, viscose is a very historic ancient fiber varieties. As early as the end of nineteenth Century, the scientists made the sodium cellulose xanthate solution first to cotton as raw material, the solution viscosity is very large, so this glue is named in the viscose viscose, encounter acid produced after the reaction, the cellulose is again separated. It was later on the basis of this principle that cellulose fibers were produced by this reaction. Later, in order to realize the workProduction, scientists have invented a dilute sulfuric acid and sulfate using the solidified product composition, so as to realize the mass production of viscose fiber, also have a lot of what we see at present by the viscose fiber being produced beautiful, cool clothes.
Q:What's the material of velvet?
When weaving a velvet fabric, the ground yarn should be made of two different twist to phase configurations, while the terry yarn should be made with the same yarn arrangement with the same twist. This will help to improve the quality and feel of the velvet pile.
Q:What fabric is cashmere like?
This product has more vivid and rich colors than natural cashmere. But in the actual dress still can not get rid of acrylic electrostatic problems. Therefore, the market sales of general products have the problem of static electricity, of course, now the benefits of science and technology electrostatic treatment agent can be removed, using negative ion treatment process, that is, the price and the process is relatively strict. Cashmere like acrylic fiber has its unique function of bulkiness and softness.
Q:Satin fabric is not pure cotton?
First refers to the silk, may also be polyester or cotton, collectively.Satin refers to cotton satin.

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