1.5 L Yogurt Maker High Quality Mini Yogurt Maker

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Product Description:

1. Description of  1.5 L Yogurt Maker High Quality Mini Yogurt Maker 

Yogurt maker is a kind of machine to make yogurt. It ensures milk fermented with a constant temperature device, temperature between 35 and 45 degrees, in this environment, probiotics multiplied, lactose into lactic acid in milk, milk into yoghurt.

Yogurt Maker can be divided into three categories:

First, a fully automated, directly heated by electricity, no control circuit, adopt appropriate power heating component to control the temperature.

Second, electronic control type, join a variety of control circuit in the machine, such as temperature and time control, to control the heating circuit on and off. The main difference between the above two type is whether have a control circuit.

Third, is cooling yogurt machine, using semiconductor refrigeration, automatic storage at low temperature.

2. Features of  1.5 L Yogurt Maker High Quality Mini Yogurt Maker 

2).Capacity:1.0-1.5L,for 2-8 people.
3). Elegant design and fineness of appearance
4).Unique structure for equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of lactobacillus
5).Transparent top cover and container lid, making the state observable
6).PTC adopted for constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 15W for cost saving
7).Container design of freshness box-like, preventing the yogurt from pollution before drinking

3. Specification of  1.5 L Yogurt Maker High Quality Mini Yogurt Maker 

Item size196*196*135mm
Capacity1.5 L
ColorOrange/Green/Pink/Purple, color is optional.
Container Stainless steel  bowl,PP, Cups
Normal packing standard

Voltage220-240V 50/60Hz

4. Image of Yogurt Maker High quality mini yogurt maker for home use

1.5 L Yogurt Maker High Quality Mini Yogurt Maker1.5 L Yogurt Maker High Quality Mini Yogurt Maker

1.5 L Yogurt Maker High Quality Mini Yogurt Maker

5. FAQ

1) Could I got a sample to test before I place my order?

   Sure, we can provide the sample for your test.

2) Do I need to pay for the sample?

  Yes,we'll charge you for the samples,the amount is depend on the items you want,and will

refound you after the first order.

3) How long will I got the sample?

  It need less than 4-7 days.

4) How long will you deliver the goods after I ordered.

  25-35 days after order and packaging file confirmed .

5) Can you OEM for me?

   Sure,OEM order is acceptable.

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Q:How about the yogurt machine? Who used it?
Not bad. Let's see:1, any brand of yogurt cup / bag / box (for the first time as "Introduction") 2, white sugar two tablespoons (sugar, honey, sugar can be) 3, a large bag of milk (500g, it is said that the milk containing antibiotics are not yogurt, I do not know the authenticity) 4, the other was clean a container (lunch box, no oil, no water, sealed, transparent beautiful for the last election) production process: 1, 5 teaspoons of yogurt (opening) into the container 2, 2 spoons of sugar (put into the container, much like sweet, sour and not afraid to lose weight, and can also be placed). But I was put in, is reluctant to give up the yogurt ""
Q:Ask your family about how to make yogurt (not yogurt machines), thank you
3 in the warm milk, add the yogurt with a spoon, stir, cover. 4 power electric cooker, pot of hot water drained, cover the cups into the rice cooker, rice cooker lid, with a clean towel or other insulation materials covered, use of waste heat for fermentation pot. 5.8 to 10 hours later, the low sugar yogurt is ready. If it's done in the evening, you'll get the delicious yogurt on the second morning.
Q:Does yoghurt function to hatch egg?
If the egg is hatched if a shell is about 20 days, that is to say when you 18 days to stop turning, the rest is waiting for your baby chicken out of the shell, do not use hand out of the shell, the baby chickens will die. On the 3 day of the shell, the moisture helps the chicken out of the shell. Said a leak with mobile phone flash light egg but action to light in 5 days later, and then sprinkle a little warm water every day in the egg surface, can prepare a glass of water on the inside with increased humidity if the yogurt machine got enough space. Well, let me rest my mind. I've already told you my experience.
Q:How can fermented rice or yogurt machine ferment natto?
NattoMain ingredients: dried soybean (150 grams), white sugar (5 grams), monosodium glutamate (2.5 grams), Bacillus natto (match head size)1, 50 grams of dry soybeans washed, soaked in cold water for 24 hours, 3-4 times in the middle water, hot days to put the refrigerator, cold bubble hair, purified water is best.2. Soak the beans and drain off the water and put it in a clean, oil-free container.3, add 5 grams of sugar and 2.5 grams of monosodium glutamate, stir evenly.4, in the pressure cooker steaming for 30 minutes, steamed to beans can be soft.5. Inoculating natto equipment, purified water, Bacillus natto capsule, and Bacillus natto with the size of match head by toothpick.6, take 2 ml (1/5 white porcelain spoon) about pure water, and natto bacteria mixed evenly.7, the mixture of natto solution, drop into the steaming, Liang Liang cool to about 45 degrees in soybeans, mixing, mixing evenly. This step should pay attention to, must use clean chopsticks, fall out of the soybean must not pick up, put back, lest mix mixed bacteria, lead to natto unsuccessful!
Q:Buy yogurt confidential, pay attention to what?
Homemade yogurt is used in constant temperature fermentation, so the yogurt machine is the most basic heating and constant temperature, constant temperature heating and can be as long as you can in the appropriate temperature, this machine can make yogurt yogurt; besides temperature, another major factor is the homemade yogurt yogurt fermentation time, and time is not immutable and frozen. The quality of the milk, yogurt, fermented milk quality, environmental temperature, initial temperature and the constant temperature yogurt machine will affect the duration of the fermentation, so even with the timing control function, but also be empty, need to adjust after practice, every change of factors can change time; and yogurt is good, even if the automatic power-off yogurt machine, also cannot be ignored, must be quickly placed in the refrigerator, so as to avoid the invasion of harmful bacteria, This kind of yogurt is safe.
Q:Yogurt machine is not hot how to do?
The situation may be that the thermostat is out of order or the room temperature is too low.
Q:Yogurt can not cook porridge
Yes, it does matter. Because the yogurt is not heating, a heating and taste, nutrients destroyed, storage temperature to within 20 degrees, not to mention the cook on Baidu Steamed Rice. That is, winter can only be heated to the human body temperature, and that is hot, that is, drink, hot, can not be stored.
Q:Can natto be made into sour rice wine?
Sure。Machines are the same in principle. It started to make yogurt, so the old-fashioned one with only one temperature is called a yogurt machine. A later increase of temperature control, can be made of fermented glutinous rice, then add the natto required temperature shift, so the machine is a multifunctional natto. Just a call.
Q:How do you put the baking powder when making yogurt with yogurt machine?
5., yogurt machine glass bowl, put a little water, 3 glass bottles sitting in a large bowl.The 6 cover cover, cover, plug in the power, press the button to select the required time, time 8 hours. Press the confirmation button, when the temperature indicator is on. When it automatically heats up to the required temperature, it automatically jumps to the thermostat and the indicator light is on.7. morning, the yogurt has been solidified.
Q:Yogurt machine how to do sour milk?
You can use fresh milk can also buy milk powder to us, that is, the use of Nestle milk powder to do the same effectPut the sugar to more 1000ml like sugar we put 14 grains of sugar is about if we later

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