065 Pedestal Washbasin

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Product Description:


  • One or three taphole



  • Smooth surface designed for providing no gap to contain adhered stain and ensuring easier cleaning
  • Showing fashion, nature and elegance
  • Of opal glass texture, durable in use and bringing everlasting high-quality enjoyment



  • ISO9001
  • KS Certificate







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Q:Question on using a wash basin?
Q:Can the bathroom water heater receive the washbasin and the kitchen?
Blue is cold water, red for hot water, "T" place with three links. Wash the bowl on the left is the red line, I forget the color of the. Left hot right cold, this is the international standard.
Q:Can you join pvc and copper pipe in order to add another water supply for a sink?
yes you can use pvc and copper together. you need to install a threaded tee in the so you can connect the copper lin back, and to add a theaded end for the pvc pipe, then just use the recommended glue for the pvc, drains use pvc, water lines would be better using cpvc as they have a higher temperature and pressure rating. you can go to any hardware or building supply to get the materials. also, you may need to cut the pvc/cpvc to length from longer pieces so you should get a pvc cutter. for the larger diameters (above two inch) you can use a hack saw. just keep the cut as straight as possible. also, after making any cut, use either a knife blade, or sand paper to remove the sharp edges so the pieces join easier. make sure when you run the drain,you istall a p-trap and run the line slightly downhill from the sink end to the sewer or drain line where you tie it in. it helps prevent back-up and allows rthe water to drain completly and not sit in the line.
Q:What is the direction of water swirl when plug from wash basin is pulled out?
The flow of water down drains has nothing to do with which hemisphere you are in (like we're all led to believe); the Coriolis effect is much too small. It will be determined by random motions in the water (or, in the case of toilets, by the direction of the incoming water). Experiments have been done which show that the water will indeed drain in opposite directions in the northern and southern hemispheres if you are careful enough to eliminate all motion in the water first; this is very difficult to do, and will not happen by itself (it also requires perfectly symmetric containers).
Q:A floor drain how to wash the cabinet wash basin combination cabinet
A floor drain this time need to use the ground leakage three links, floor leakage must choose the quality of the better brands, such as Xingmang floor drain, first-line brand quality is better
Q:The ceramic washbasin was stained and washed away
Use cola for one hour
Q:How to connect the water pipe and drain pipe in the washbasin
There is a hose with a screw connector and a rubber band. Wash basin material, the most used is the ceramic, enamel pig iron, enamel steel, as well as terrazzo and so on. With the development of building materials technology, domestic and foreign have been launched FRP, artificial marble, artificial agate, stainless steel and other new materials. A wide range of wash basins, but the common requirements are surface smooth, impermeable, corrosion-resistant, hot and cold, easy to clean and durable and so on.
Q:For a Bathroom design... Which option is better?
Doors are not really good sound isolators so I would only do the first one if you are going to put a half wall between the door and toilet. You don't want any unwanted noise leaving Thu the door. The second one sounds better. besides, if you keep the spare paper under the wash basin, when you run out you can reach around and get a spare.
Q:Can you put the washbasin in a large shower room?
Choose a large shower room on it, as shown above, you can take the side of the shower without the wash basin. Also does not affect the shower!
Q:How to use the wash basin to raise the turtle
2. Environment In addition to tortoises and semi-water turtle, other turtle such as Brazil, turtle, pearl turtle, snapping turtle, maps and so on water turtle, must be kept in the water! The The Water level and volume should be enough, keeping the container at least Let it swim open, round container is not suitable for raising the turtle. Even make do, at least go to the supermarket to buy a rectangular, non-toxic plastic large finishing box, but also more than this small cylinder strong. water Bit according to the size of the turtle may be, generally not more than 5 times the height of its back armor, buy a floating platform or floating island, which is a turtle tank must be the equipment ~! So that it will be able to climb the shore to rest. Buzhi Yu old bubble in the water, it would like to come up when the shore will be their own shore, do not have to get it. The turtle needs sunshine, and it is recommended to put it on the south facing balcony or room. But if there is at home Infants or pregnant women, it is best not to raise turtle, turtle easy to carry some bacteria. Summer to do the appropriate cover, do not be too strong on the sun. Should pay attention to prevent the growth of algae in the tank, you can buy in addition to algae Agents, the general aquarium have to sell. The bottom of the cylinder can be paved with small pebbles or large pebbles. But if the shop, when the water is very troublesome, novice recommended with the bare tank, that is, nothing Shop. Do not let water in the water.

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