0.6/1kV PVC Insulation Flame Retardant Power Cable

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Product Description:

1. Application

This product is apply to AC rated voltage 0.6/1kV circuit, for the use of power transmission and distribution. Flame retardant cable is suitable for the situation which requires flame retardant.

2、Type and Specification

Voltage Class

0.6/1 kV



Size Range(mm2)

1、2、3、4、5、3+1、3+2、4+1 cores:1.5~400

Executive Standard

GB/T 12706.1-2008

3. Operational Performance

     a. Cable conductor allowed long-term working temperature not exceeding 70 ℃.

        When short circuit happened (the duration no longer than 5 seconds), the maximum temperature of cable conductor is not exceeding 160℃.

     b. When laying cable, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 0℃, if not the cable need to be preheated. The bending radius of multicore unarmored cable should not be less than 12 times of outer diameter of cable, 15 times for armored cable.

     c. Cable DC resistance should comply with GB/T3956-1997.

     d. Power frequency voltage with standing test: 2.5 U0 +2kV/5 min no breakdown.

     e. Flame retardant cable should withstand group burning test specified in GB/T18380.3-2001.

4、Cable structure diagram

1-Conductor  2-Insulation 3-Taped covering  4-Filling

5-Inner sheath  6-Armour 7-Outer sheath

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Q:Will PSone power cable work on a ps2?
i dont think so is the power cord plug in for the ps1 round like the ps2 never hurts to try tho
Q:do you have to use a fuse link when hooking up your amp power cable to your battery?
Jumper cable wire, in fact any wire of the appropriate AWG (or bigger), is perfectly adequate as far as the current carrying capacity is concerned. One problem with using such wire is that the individual strands are much thicker resulting in the overall cable being much stiffer and harder to pull and bend into place for a typical installation. You really need a fuse. It's purpose is to protect the vehicle electrical system (and the vehicle itself) if there is a short in the connected equipment or wiring. Most auto parts stores will have fuse holders and fuses. Likewise car audio shops. Even WalMart. The main fuse size is usually specified by the manufacturer. If not, look on the amp itself. For example, the Pioneer GM-D8500M Class D monoblock amp has a pair of 30A onboard fuses. In this case your main fuse should be at least 60A. If the 60A fuse blows under normal operation, you would then go up 1 size to an 80A. This allows the amp to draw sufficient current, yet protects the vehicle in case of a short.
Q:This graphics card doesn't need power cables right?
My GTX 750 Ti OC 2GB card does not need cables--all power goes through the motherboard to it.
Q:My pc don´t start, power cable and all other cables are connected correctly. Any body help me and guide me?
Obviously it needs repair or bin it.
Q:Would it hurt to run overhead power cable underground?
This query has been asked alot of times. Easily since there is no voltage change along the fowl. We could say the cable has 10000V. At one claw(contact) it's 10000V and at the other leg (the other contact) is 10000V. In view that there is not any voltage change, a current will not drift to kill the chicken. Its similar to two related containers of water with both of equal water degree. Water is not going to waft from one container. Except the chook touches one other object of one-of-a-kind voltage lets' say the ground with 0V. 10000V is doing work by way of pushing a current through the hen inflicting a current and potentially killing the chicken. Hope this helps.
Q:my laptop only boots on the battery but not when power cable is plugged in?
Sounds like you have a good battery. Is the battery plugged in when you try to connect with the cord? Does your battery charge when the cable is plugged in? If not, you may need a new power cable. Use a VOM (VOLT OHM METER) on it and do a continuity check to ensure connection is good. If that's not the problem, it may be the DC Plugin port.
Q:Kärcher 670m power cable is stuck and doesn't pull itself back inside?
Throw the piece of crap away. Just kidding, but it wouldn't make sense to take it to a repair shop when you could buy a new one for $100 bucks. Just roll the cord up when your finished using it.
Q:Why does my laptop shut off when I remove the power cable?
Your battery may not be any good anymore. You may need to get a new battery.
Q:Is it safe to connect the case fans in line with the hard drive, or should I use a separate power cable?
Well it is always better to seperate circuits when they are related to hard drives even data cables as hard disk take loads of data bus and power.
Q:i want to wire directly to my car a sat nav power cable and reversing sensor display to my cars electrics.?
I'm assuming you mean the wire providing the 12-volt power to your radio? And you want to connect other unit's it? It all depends on how much current is drawn by the additional units. Do they have fuses? What sizes are they? Backup cameras usually draw very little current and have really thin wires. Shouldn't be a problem. What type of navigation device? Does it use a DVD-ROM or is it just on a chip, like a portable Tom Tom, Garvin, etc.? If neither of the units' fuses exceed 5 amps, I'd say you're safe (in most cars) running it from the radio's power wire. However, you didn't state the type of car. Late-model GM cars or Audi/Volkswagen have low-current radio wires that use computers. They are known as data bus or can bus systems. I'd avoid connecting to these.

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