0.6/1KV-3.6/6KV Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE/PVC Insulated Electrical Cable

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Product Description:

0.6/1KV-3.6/6KV Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE/PVC Insulated Electrical Cable



It is suitable for transmission line with a rated AC voltage U0/U 3.6/6KV and below.

Executive Standard: GB/T12706-2008 ,equivalent to IEC502(83)


Operational Performances:

1. Working temperature:

For general type, not over 70°C as the maximum

For 105°C flame-retardant material, not over 105°C as the maximum

For 135°C flame-retardant material, not over 135°C as the maximum

2. Lowest ambient temperature:-40°C for fixed laying,-20°C for non-fixed laying

3. Rated voltage U0/U:0.6/1kV, 3.6/6kV

4. Min.bending radius:not less than 10 times of outer diameter of cable if without armor, and not less than 15 times of cable outer diameter provided the cable is armored.

5.Short-circuit condition:The maximum temperature of cable conductor will not exceed 175°Cunder short-circuit condition(longest time of 5 seconds)


Main Technical Data


Table 1:Flame-retardant Technical Data of Varieties of Materials


Technical Data

General flame-retardant PVC

Low smoke and low halogen material

Low smoke and halogen-free material

Oxygen index(%)




Smoke density



With flame:50

without flame:260

Hydrogen halide release (mg/g)






Table 2:Main Performances of Product

Serial   No.





Attached   Sketch*


Conductor   resistance

As per   GB3956-1996


Voltage-withstand   test

No   breakdown



Tensile   strength





Elongation   at break





Mechanical   property after aging

Tensile   strength


100°C±2°C,Min. 12.5N/mm2 in 7 days


100°C±2°C,Min. 12.5N/mm2 in 7 days

Change   rate


100°C±2°C,Max.±25% in 7 days


100°C±2°C,Max.±25% in 7 days

Elongation   at break


100°C±2°C,   Min.150% in 7 days


100°C±2°C,   Min.150% in 7 days


Flame-retardant   feature

In   compliance with GB/T12666.5-1990(Type CB) and IEC332-3 (Type CB)

Insulation   resistance constant Ki MΩ·km

Minimum   at 20°C


At 70°C




3,Color Code of Insulation Core: Complies with Requirements of National Standard GB6995.5-86










4,Vary in cross-section area, the four and five's

5,Basic Type and designation


Designation   of product


Cu core   PVC insulated&sheathed power cable


Al core   PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable


Cu core   PVC insulated&sheathed armored power cable


Cu core   flame-retardant (105°C)PVC insulated&sheathed power cable


Cu core   flame-retardant (135°C)PVC insulated&sheathed power cable


Cu core   flame-retardant(105°C)PVC insulated&sheathed armored power cable                


Cu core   flame-retardant(135°C)PVC insulated&sheathed armored power cable


Al core   flame-retardant(105°C) PVC insulated&sheathed power cable


Al core   flame-retardant(135°C)PVC insulated&sheathed power cable


Cu core   low-smoke&halogen PVC insulated&sheathed power cable


Cu core   low-smoke&halogen 135°C PO insulated&sheathed power cable


Cu core   low-smoke&halogen PVC insulated&sheathed steel tape armored power   cable


Cu core   low-smoke&halogen 135°CPO insulated&sheathed steel tape armored power   cable


Cu core   PVC insulated&sheathed thin steel wire armored power cable


Cu core   PVC insulated&sheathed thick steel wire armored porter cable


Cu core   flame-retardant (105°C)PVC insulated and sheathed thin steel wire armored   power cable


Type Explanation


Code and definition




Flame-retardant   code



Non   flame-retardant can he omitted


Insulation   material




Low-smoke   & halogen material

Sheath   material




Low-smoke   & halogen material

Armor   material




Steel   tape armor

Thin   steel wire armor

Thick   steel wire armor

Class   of heat-resistance





Max.   operating temp. is 70°C

Max.   operating temp. is 90°C

Max.   operating temp. is 105°C

Max.   operating temp. is 135°C

Rated   voltage

0.6/1kV   3.6/6kV

Rated   voltage U0/U is 0.6/1kV

Rated   voltage U0/U is 3.6/6kV


Specification Size

1, 0.6/1kV PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable

     1 core

0.6/1KV-3.6/6KV Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE/PVC Insulated Electrical Cable

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